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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-1999 Data Handling Issues Regarding the Need for Higher Rate GPS Data While Continuing to Provide IGS Data Stowers, D.; Zumberge, J.; Dong, D.; Estey, L.; Mencin, D.; Khachikyan, R.
Aug-2011 Data interconnection exploration Merida, Elvis; Ko, Marvin; Iniguez, Alfredo Bravo
19-Sep-2004 Data management for Mars Exploration Rovers Snyder, Joseph F.; Smyth, David E.
Oct-2005 Data management in the mission data system Wagner, David A.
26-Feb-2003 Data management overview Wagner, D.
19-Jun-2006 Data model management for space information systems Hughes, J. Steven; Crichton, Daniel J.; Ramirez, Paul
17-May-1999 Data Policy Considerations For Joint Commercial-Governmental Remote Sensing Radar Missions Hilland, J.; Mah, G.; Hilland, J.
9-Dec-2013 Data preservation and curation for the planetary science community Hughes, J.S.; Crichton, D.J.; Joyner, R.; Hardman, S.; Rye, E.
7-Jul-2001 The data processing and calibration of the AIRSAR PacRim II mission Chu, A.; O'leary, E.; Tung, W.; Carrico, L.
May-2004 Data processing pipeline with transaction-oriented data sharing Huang, Thomas; Preheim, Larry
6-Dec-2002 Data product standardization for NASA's EOS Aura mission Craig, C.; Stone, K.; Cuddy, D.; Lewicki, S.; Veefkind, P.; Leonard, P.; Fleig, A.
23-Jan-2010 Data products for the OCTL to OICETS optical link experiment Kovalik, J.; Biswas, A.; Wilson, K.; Wright, M.; Roberts, T.
Oct-1997 Data Quality Control for Vessel Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. Application for the Western Mediterranean Sea Garcia-Gorriz, E.; Front, J.; Candela, J.
Mar-1998 Data Quality of the JERS-1 SAR Global Rain Forest Mapping (GRFM) Project Chapman, B.; Alves, M.; Shimada, M.; Freeman, T.; Rosenqvist, A.; Siqueira, P.
4-Jan-2004 Data reduction pipeline for MIPS Wachter, Stefaanie; Frayer, D.; Padgett, D.; Masci, F.; Henderson, D.; Latter, W.
15-Sep-2011 Data systems working group report Wagner, Paul
3-Oct-2012 Data systems working group report. Wagner, Paul
Oct-2005 Data visualization for effective rover sequencing Hartman, Frank R.; Cooper, Brian; Leger, Chris; Maxwell, Scott; Wright, John; Yen, Jeng
2002 Data vortex for HTMT Craymer, L.; Bergman, K.
11-Mar-1996 Data, Site, and Network Requirements for GPS-based Sensing of Precipitable Water Vapor Runge, Thomas F.; Bar-Sever, Yoaz; Franklin, Garth W.; Kroger, Peter M.; Lindqwister, Ulf J.
12-Sep-2001 The DATA-CHASER and citizen explorer benchmark problem sets Chien, S.; Engelhardt, B.; Barrett, A.; Willis, J.; Wiklow, C.
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