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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2000 Azimuth variation in microwave scatterometer and radiometer data over Antarctica Long, D.; Drinkwater, M.
5-Jul-2010 Azimuthal signature of coincidental brightness temperature and normalized radar cross-section obtained using airborne PALS instrument Colliander, Andreas; Kim, Seungbum; Yueh, Simon; Cosh, Mike; Jackson, Tom; Njoku, Eni
7-Oct-2013 Azimuthal spoke propagation in Hall Effect Thrusters Sekerak, Michael J.; Longmier, Benjamin W.; Gallimore, Alec D.; Brown, Daniel L.; Hofer, Richard R.; Polk, James E.
21-Mar-1994 Azimuthally-dependent Finite Element Solution to the Cylindrical Resonator Osegueda, R.; Pierluissi, J.; Gil, L.; Revilla, A.; Villalva, G.; Dick, G.; Wang, D. SantiagoR.
22-Apr-2000 A~1 Kilogram Asteroid Exploration Rover Wilcox, B.; Jones, R.
2001 B,V photometry of variable stars in the northeast arm of the Small Magellanic Cloud Silbermann, N. A.; Sharpee, B.; Stark, M.; Pritzl, B.; Smith, H.; Wilhelm, R.; Walker, A.
Jan-2004 Bacillus odysseyi sp. nov., a round-spore-forming bacillus isolated fron the Mars Odyssey spacecraft Duc, M. T. La; Satomi, M.; Venkateswaran, K.
10-Jul-2006 “Back in the Day " musings of a graybeard ; selected events in early monopropellant hydrazine thruster development Moynihan, Philip I.
1996 Back to Mars Frewing, Kent
6-Oct-1997 Back to Mars: The Mars Pathfinder Mission Cook, R. A.; Spear, A. J.
9-Jun-2005 A back-illuminated megapixel CMOS image sensor Pain, Bedabrata; Cunningham, Thomas; Nikzad, Shouleh; Hoenk, Michael; Jones, Todd; Wrigley, Chris; Hancock, Bruce
30-May-1993 A Back-To-Back Barrier-N-N+ (bbBNN)Diode Tripler at 200 GHz Choudhury, Debabani; Raisanen, Anti V.; Smith, R. Peter; Frerking, Margaret A.
30-Mar-1993 A Back-to-Back Barrier-N-N+(bbBNN) Diode Tripler at 200 GHz Martin, D.; Choudhury, R. P.; Smith, A. V.; Ralsanen, M. A.; Frerking, S.
17-Apr-2001 Background and architecture for an autonomous ground station controller Paal, L.; Golshan, N.; Fisher, F.; James, M.
9-May-2000 Background and Introduction to Mission Data System and Other Software Architectures Roquette, N.; Dvorak, D.; Rasmussen, B.; Sacks, A.
10-Jun-2004 Background Limited Infrared - Submillimeter Spectroscopy (BLISS) Bradford, Charles Matt
22-Jan-2002 Backpropagation processing of GPS radio occultation data Ao, C. O.; Hajj, G. A.; Leroy, S. S.; Meehan, T. K.; Juarez, M. de la Torre; Iijima, B. A.; Mannucci, A. J.
22-Jan-2002 Backpropagation processing of GPS radio occultation data Ao, C.; Hajj, G. A.; Leroy, S.S .; Meehan, T. K.; Juarez, M. de la Torre; Iijima, B. A.; Mannucci, A. J.
1993 Backscatter Characteristics of the Winter Sea Ice Cover in the Beaufort Kwok, R.; Cunningham, G. F.
1996 Backscatter for Ice Sheet 2 Growth Phase in the Winter 1994 Winter Sea Ice Experiment Nghiem, S. V.
30-Oct-1996 Backscatter Identification of the Full Frost Flower Coverage Condition Nghiem, S. V.; Martin, S.; Perovich, D. K.; Kwok, R.; Drucker, R.; Gow, A. J.
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