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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2001 Far ultraviolet intensities and center-to-limb variations of active regions and quiet sun using UARS SOLSTICE irradiance measurements and ground-based spectroheliograms Bowman, K.; Worden, J.
11-Jun-2001 Far-Infrared dust opacity and visible extinction Cambresy, L.; Boulander, F.; Lagache, G.; Stepnik, B.
11-Jun-2001 Far-infrared dust opacity and visible extinction in the Polaris Flare Cambresy, L.
4-Jun-2000 Far-Infrared Emission of the ISM in Galaxies of Varying Morphology and Star Formation Brauher, J.; Lord, S.
20-Sep-2007 Far-infrared properties of M dwarfs Gautier, Thomas N. III; Rieke, G. H.; Stansberry, John; Bryden, Geoffrey C.; Stapelfeldt, Karl R.; Werner, Michael W.; Beichman, Charles A.; Chen, Christine; Su, Kate; Trilling, David; Patten, Brian M.; Roellig, Thomas L.
Dec-1997 Far-Infrared Properties of Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-S Films in High Magnetic Fields Wang, Y. J.; Burns, M. J.; Delin, K. A.; Li, M. Y.; Wu, M. K.
1995 Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of M82: Interstellar Properties of the Dual Nuclear Starbursts Lord, S. D.; Hollenbach, D. J.; Haas, M. R.; Rubin, R. H.; Colgan, S. W. J.; Erickson, E. F.
7-Jun-2000 Far-Infrared Technology for Spaceborne Applications Gaidis, M.
4-Jan-2004 Far-ultraviolet imaging of the Hubble Deep Field North Teplitz, H. I.; Brown, T. M.; Mello, D. F. de; Ferguson, H. C.; Gardner, J. P.; Giavalisco, M.; Heap, S. R.
2-May-1999 Faraday Ring Ammerter for Measurements of Ambient Ionospheric Currents Brown, K.; Bartman, R.; Dorsky, L.; Goldstein, R.; Lynch, K.; Torbert, R.
25-Jun-2003 Faraday rotation and interferometric/polarimetric SAR Freeman, A.
25-Jun-2003 Faraday rotation and interferometric/polarimetric SAR Freeman, A.
1996 Faraday Wave Turbulence on a Spherical Liquid Shell Holt, R. G.; Trinh, E. H.
1994 A Fast Algorithm for Altimeter Waveform Retracking with Appications to the Geosat Altimeter Rodriguez, E.; Martin, J. M.
16-Sep-1997 A Fast Algorithm for Massively Parallel, Long-Term, Simulation of Complex Molecular Dynamics Systems Jaramillo-Botero, Andres; Goddard, William A III; Fijany, Amir
19-Oct-1993 A Fast Algorithm for Parallel Computation of Multibody Dynamics on MIMD Parallel Architectures Fijany, A.; Kwan, G.; Bagherzadeh, N.
23-Jun-1998 Fast Alternative Cryogenic Experiment Testbed Nash, A.
11-Jul-1999 The Fast Alternative Cryogenic Experiment Testbed Nash, A.; Holmes, W.
Jul-1999 The Fast Alternative Cryogenic Experiment Testbed Nash, A.; Shields, P.; Abbott, R.; Craig, J.; Holmes, W.
7-Mar-2009 Fast and adaptive lossless on-board hyperspectral data compression system for space applications Aranki, Nazeeh; Bakhshi, Alireza; Keymeulen, Didier; Klimesh, Matthew
18-Jun-2002 Fast and reliable obstacle detection and segmentation for cross-country navigation Talukder, A.; Manduchi, R.; Rankin, A.; Matthies, L.
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