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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2001 Fabrication of Novel Si3N4 micromesh spider web bolometer using deep trench etching on SOI wafer Yun, M.; Turner, A. D.; Bock, J. J.; Podosek, J. A.
22-Jun-1994 Fabrication of Si/Si<sub>1-x</sub>Ge<sub>x</sub>O<sub>2</sub> Heterojunctions by Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Stain Etching Fathauer, R.; George, T.; Jones, E.; Ksendzov, A.; Pike, W.
14-Nov-2004 Fabrication of Wide-IF 200-300 GHz SIS mixers with suspended metal beam leads formed on SOI Kaul, Anu; Bumble, Bruce; Lee, Karen; LeDuc, Henry; Rice, Frank; Zmuidzinas, Jonas
21-Sep-2012 Fabrics in space architecture : history and examples of textile architecture for advance space habitats. Polit Casillas, Raul
18-Aug-2008 A Faceted Shape Model Approach to Altimetry and Velocimetry for Irregularly Shaped Bodies Bayard, D.S.; Brugarolas, P.B.; Broschart, S.B.
5-Apr-2012 Facilities Maintenance and Operations Wright, William
7-Oct-1999 Factors Affecting DMFC Performance Valdez, T.; Neveyanan, S.
1-Nov-1998 Factors Affecting Li-ion Cell Performance Huang, C.; Sakamoto, J.
8-Jun-1998 Factors Affecting the Design of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Systems Narayanan, S.; Valdez, T.; Rohatgi, N.; Christiansen, J.; Chun, W.; Voecks, G.; Halpert, G.
Aug-2012 Factors contributing to unsuccessful re-proposed missions Cooper, Lynne P.; Anteau, Gillian R.
Jul-1998 Factors Controlling the Bulk Densities of Asteroids Love, S.; Wilson, L.; Keil, K.
20-Jan-2003 Facts & uncertainties about NEOs Yeomans, Don
4-Feb-2013 Fading losses on the LCRD free-space optical link due to channel turbulence Moision, Bruce; Piazzolla, Sabino; Hamkins, Jon
Aug-2011 Fading of Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt Sola, Michael A.; Orton, Glenn; Baines, Kevin; Yanamandra-Fisher, Padma
7-Nov-2005 Failure assesment Lutz, Robyn; Nikora, Allen
13-Jun-1999 Failure Engineering Study and Accelerated Stress Test Results for the Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft's Power Shunt Assemblies Gibbel, M.; Larson, T.
13-Jun-1999 Failure Engineering Study and Acceleration Stress Test Results for the Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft's Power Shunt Assemblies Gibble, M.; Larson, T.
Dec-2009 Failure modes and low temperature performance of DC/DC converters Leon, Rosa
May-1998 The Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity Function in Abell 426 and 539 De Propris, R.; Pritchet, C. J.
1999 The Faint Young Sun Paradox: An Observational Test of an Alternative Solar Model Gaidos, E.; Blake, G.; Güdel, M.
1993 Fall Freeze-up of Sea Ice in the Beaufort-Chukchi Seas Using ERS-1 SAR and Buoy Data Holt, B.; Winebrenner, B.; Nelson E. D.
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