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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2001 The Keck Interferometer and the Caltech/JPL interferometry science center Boden, A.; Sargent, A.
21-Jun-2004 Keck Interferometer autoaligner : algorithms and techniques Hrynevych, Michael A.; Tsubota, Kevin; Smythe, Robert; Dahla, Wayne; Bella, Jim; Colavita, M. Mark; Gathright, John; Meggars, Forest; Neyman, Christoper; Rudeen, Andy; van Belle, Gerard; Wizinowich, Peter
22-Aug-2002 The Keck interferometer autoaligner Belle, G. van; Colavita, M.; Ligon, R.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D.; Reder, L.; Smythe, R.
Aug-2005 The Keck Interferometer Nuller (KIN): configuration, measurement approach, and first results Serabyn, E.; Appleby, E.; Bell, J.; Booth, A.; Chin, J.; Colavita, M. M.; Crawford, S.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Dahl, W.; Fanson, J.; Garcia, J.; Gathright, J.; Hovland, E.; Hrynevych, M.; Koresko, C.; Ligon, R.; Mennesson, B.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D.; Panteleeva, T.; Paine, C.; Ragland, S.; Reder, L.; Saloga, T.; Smythe, R.; Tyau, C.; Tsubota, K.; Vasisht, G.; Wetherell, E.; Wizinowich, P.; Woillez, J.
20-Apr-2003 The Keck Interferometer nuller Serabyn, G.
21-Jun-2004 The Keck Interferometer Nuller: system architecture and laboratory performance Serabyn, E.; Booth, A.; Colavita, M. M.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Crawford, S.; Garcia, J.; Johnson, R.; Hovland, E.; Koresko, C.; Ligon, R.; Martin, S. R.; Mennesson, B.; Moore, J.; Palmer, D.; Paine, C.; Shao, M.; Swain, M.; Smythe, R.; Vasisht, G.
28-Jul-2004 Keck Interferometer observations Akeson, Rachel
21-Jun-2004 Keck interferometer science : present and future Akeson, Rachel L.
21-Jun-2004 Keck Interferometer science: present and future Akeson, R.
21-Jun-2004 Keck Interferometer status and plans Colavita, M. M.; Wizinowich, P. L.; Akeson, R. L.
21-Jun-2004 Keck Interferometer status and plans Colavita, Mark M.; Wizinowich, Peter L.; Akeson, Rachel L.
22-Aug-2002 Keck interferometer update Colavita, M. M.; Wizinowich, P. L.
22-Aug-2002 Keck interferometer update Colavita, M.; Wizinowich, P.
Mar-1998 The Keck Interferometer Colavita, M. M.; Swanson, P. N.; Boden, A. F.; Crawford, S. L.; Meinel, A. B.; Shao, M.; van Belle, G. T.; Vasisht, G.; Wallace, J. K.; Wizinowich, P. L.; Walker, J. M.
3-Dec-1997 The Keck Interferometer Swanson, Paul
12-Oct-2003 Keck Interferometer: current engineering and science results Belle, G. van
24-May-1999 The Keck Interferometer: Instrument Overview and Proposed Science Booth, A.; Colavita, M.; Shao, M.; Swanson, P.; van Belle, G.; Crawford, S.; Palmer, D.; Reder, L.; Serabyn, E.; Swain, M.; Vashist, G.; Wallace, J.
Mar-2000 Keck Interferometer: Progress Report Colavita, M.; Wizinowich, P.
13-Jul-2001 The Keck Interferometry Colavita, M.
Oct-2001 Keeping nine eyes on the weather Fisher, D. K.
1-Feb-1998 Keeping Warm on Mars: Strategies for Micromission Thermal Design Hecht, M.; Tsuyuki, G.
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