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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2002 A nanoscale soft-ionization membrane: a novel ionizer for ion mobility spectrometers for space applications Hartley, F.; Kanik, I.
21-Sep-2000 Nanotechnology at NASA: Molecules to Missions Wilson, B.
21-Feb-2001 Nanotube-based sensors and systems for outer planetary exploration Noca, F.; Hunt, B.; Hoenk, M.; Choi, D.; Kowalczyk, R.; Williams, R.; Xu, J.; Koumoutsakos, P.
Aug-2003 Nanowire growth for sensor arrays Yun, Minhee; Myung, Nosang; Vasquez, Richard
Aug-2003 Nanowire growth for sensor arrays Yun, Minhee; Myung, Nosang V.; Vasquez, Richard P.; Wang, Jianjun; Monbouquette, Harold; Kim, Sungwoo
8-May-2005 Nanowire sensors and arrays for chemical/biomolecule detection Yun, Minhee; Lee, Choonsup; Vasquez, Richard P.; Ramanathan, K.; Bangar, M. A.; Chen, W.; Mulchandan, A.; Myung, N. V.
15-Dec-2000 The NAO and the Sea Ice Flux, Ice Motion, and Perennial Ice Coverage of the Arctic Ocean Kwok, R.
27-Nov-2001 Narrow band emission from lithographically defined photonic bandgap structures in silicon: matching theory and experiment Greenwald, A. C.; Daly, J. T.; Johnson, E. A.; Kinkade, B.; McNeal, M.; Pralle, M.; Moelders, N.; George, T.; Choi, D. S.; Biswas, R.; El-Kady, I.
15-Jun-2003 Narrow linewidth single-mode semiconductor laser development for coherent detection lidar Mansour, Kamjou; Ksendzov, Alexander; Menzies, Robert T.; Maker, Paul D.; Muller, Richard E.; Manfra, M. J.; Turner, George W.
12-Dec-1997 Narrow-Band Searches for Gravitational Radiation with Spacecraft Doppler Tracking Tinto, M.; Armstrong, J. W.
2-Dec-1997 Narrow-Band Searches for Gravitational Radiation With Spacecraft Doppler Tracking Tinto, Massimo; Armstrong, John W.
5-Jan-2003 A narrow-band survey of the environments of galactic B[e] stars Marston, A. P.; McCollum, B.
6-Oct-2012 Narrow-linewidth distributed feedback semiconductor lasers operating at 2 μm Bagheri, Mahmood; Briggs, R.; Frez, C.; Ksendzov, A.; Forouhar, S.
7-Oct-2000 Narrowband multi-cycle vs. ultra-wideband mono-cycle signaling, a comparison of antenna array patterns DiDomenico, L. D.
1-Jan-1997 Narrowband Near-Infrared Imaging of Young Planetary Nebulae and Transition Objects: Probing Core and Halo Structures Hora, Joseph L.; Latter, William B.
2002 The Nasa - NCI Initiative on biomelecular sensor development Dastoor, M.
May-2004 NASA - risk management case study: The Genesis Project Bennett, Richard B.
25-Mar-2001 NASA 2001 Mars Odyssey Mission Saunders, R. Stephen
Oct-2009 NASA 2009 Body of Knowledge (BoK) carbon nanotube technology Gerke, David
Nov-2009 NASA 2009 Body of Knowledge (BoK) through - silicon via technology Gerke, David
Jan-2010 NASA 2009 HyspIRI Science Workshop Report Hook, Simon J.; Oaida, Bogdan V.
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