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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2003 Lunar transfer trajectory design and the four-body problem Miller, J. K.
Jul-2000 Lunar transient phenomena: what do the Clementine images reveal? Buratti, B.; McConnochie, T.; Calkins, S.; Hillier, J.; Herkenhoff, K.
28-Aug-2012 Lunar university network for astrophysics research Lazio, Joseph; Burns, Jack
12-Aug-2013 Lyapunov orbits in the Jupiter system using electrodynamic tethers Bokelmann, Kevin; Russell, Ryan P.; Lantoine, Gregory
22-Jun-1999 Lybia Montes: A Safe, Ancient Cratered Terrain, Mars Surveyor Landing Site at the Isidis Basin Rim Haldemann, A.; Anderson, R.; Harbert, W.
14-May-2000 M0/Na***subx***TiO***sub2*** Mixed Conducting Electrodes for the Alkali Metal Thermal to Electric Converter Ryan, M.; Williams, R.; Fiebig, B.; Kisor, A.; Cortez, R.; Homer, M.; Shields, V.
24-May-2006 M1 mirror print-thru investigation and performance on the thermo-opto-mechanical testbed for the Space Interferometry Mission Feria, V. Alfonso; Lam, Jonathan; Van Buren, Dave
28-Sep-2011 The M9.0 Tohoku and M6.3 Christchurch earthquakes : what we’ve learned about the capabilities and limits of space geodesy. Owen, Susan; Simons, Mark; Webb, Frank; Yun, Sang-Ho; Fielding, Eric; Cruz, Jennifer
5-Apr-1999 MACH Filter Synthesizing for Detecting Targets in Cluttered Environment for Gray-Scale Optical Correlator Zhou, H.; Chao, T-H.
25-Apr-2010 MACHETE: environment for space networking evaluation Jennings, Esther H.; Segui, John S.; Woo, Simon
25-Apr-2010 MACHETE: environment for space networking evaluation Jennings, Esther; Segui, John; Woo, Simon; Clare, Loren
21-Aug-2003 Machine learning chalenges in Mars rover traverse science Castano, R.; Judd, M.; Anderson, R. C.; Estlin, T.
21-Aug-2003 Machine learning challenges in Mars rover traverse science Castano, R.; Judd, M.; Anderson, R. C.; Estlin, T.
6-Jun-2012 Machine learning for exploring data streams, with lessons from the very long baseline array Thompson, David R.
1-Mar-2012 Machine learning methods for real time and archival classification of astronomical transients and variables Rebbapragada, Umaa
21-Sep-1999 Machine Vision Algorithms for Autonomous Small Body Navigation Johnson, A.; Matthies, L.; SanMartin, A.
20-Mar-1999 Machine Vision for Autonomous Small Body Navigation Johnson, A.; Chen, Y.; Matthies, L.H.
2002 Macroservers: a new high-level programming and execution model for PIM-based scalable architectures Zima, H. P.
Aug-1993 Macsigma0 ??ftware for Image Display and Analysis on the Macintosh Norikane, L.; Freeman, A.
23-May-2011 Maerstro path to flight study Some, Rafi; Geer, Dwight; Lee, Alan
1993 Magellan In Transition Doody, D.
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