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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2002 Fabrication and testing of advanced thermoelectric unicouples of power generation Sakamoto, J.; Snyder, J.; Zolton, A.; Zoltan, D.; Caillat, T.
2001 Fabrication and testing of all solid-state micro-sale lithium batteries for microspacecraft applications West, W. C.; Whitacre, J. F.; White, V.; Ratnamkumar, B. V.
22-Jul-1999 Fabrication and Thermo-Optical Properties of the MLS Composite Primary Reflector Willis, P.; Dyer, J.; Dummer, S.
10-Feb-2013 Fabrication assembly and test of the Mars Science Laboratory descent stage propulsion system Parker, Morgan; Baker, Ray; Casillas, Art; Strommen, Dellon; Tanimoto, Rebekah
10-Sep-1993 Fabrication of 15-cm-dia. Carbon-Carbon Grids Juergen Mueller; Brown, David K.; E.Garner, Charles; Brophy, John R.
20-Feb-2003 Fabrication of 20 nm embedded longitudinal nanochannels transferred from metal nanowire patterns Choi, D.; Yang, E.H.
21-Nov-2000 Fabrication of 200 to 2700 GHz multiplier devices using GaAs and metal membranes Martin, S.; Nakamura, B.; Fung, A.; Smith, P.; Bruston, J.; Maestrini, A.; Maiwald, F.; Siegel, P.; Schlecht, E.; Mehdi, I.
30-Aug-1996 Fabrication of a Diffusion Cooled Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer for THz Mixing Applications Bumble, B.; LeDuc, H. G.
27-Aug-1996 Fabrication of a Diffusion Cooled Superconducting Hot Electron Bolometer for THz Mixing Applications Bumble, Bruce; LeDuc, Henry G.
16-Mar-1999 Fabrication of An Aluminum Based Hot Electron Mixer for Terahertz Applications Echternach, P.; LeDuc, H.; Skalare, A.; McGrath, W.
Jul-2005 Fabrication of antenna coupled transition edge sensors for polarimeter applications LeDuc, H. G.; Kenyon, Matthew; Day, Peter K.; Yun, Minhee; Bock, J. J.
Apr-1998 Fabrication of Diamond Membranes for MEMS using Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon Ramesham, R.; Ellis, C. D.; Olivas, J. D.; Bolin, S.
11-Mar-2002 Fabrication of Genesis sample simulants using plasma source ion implantation (PSII) Kuhlman, K. R.
11-Mar-2002 Fabrication of genesis sample simulants using plasma source ion implementation Kuhlman, K. R.
25-Aug-1996 Fabrication of High-T<sub>c</sub> Hot-Electron Bolometric Mixers for Terahertz Applications Burns, M. J.; Kleinsasser, A. W.; Delin, K. A.; Vasquez, R. P.; Karasik, B. S.; McGrath, W. R.; Gaidis, M. C.
2000 Fabrication of Laterally Coupled Distributed Feedback Laser Structures by Two Step RIE in InGaAsSb-AlGaAsSb Material System Grown by MBE Sin, Y.; Bicknell-Tassius, R.; Muller, R.; Forouhar, S.
10-Jul-2000 Fabrication of Laterally Coupled InGaAsSb-GaSb-AlGaAsSb DFB Laser Structures Sin, Y.; Bicknell-Tassius, R.; Muller, R.; Forouhar, S.; May, R.
10-Jun-2001 Fabrication of micro actuators for a MEMS deformable mirror by membrane transfer Yang, E. H.; Wiberg, D. V.; Dekany, R. G.
17-Sep-2000 Fabrication of Nb/AL-N***subx***/NbTiN Junctions for SIS Mixer Applications Bumble, B.; LeDuc, H.; Stern, J.; Megerian, K.
15-Sep-2000 Fabrication of Nb/Al-N***subx***/NbTiN junctions for SIS mixer applications Bumble, B.; LeDuc, H. G.; Stern, J. A.; Megerian, K. G.
17-Mar-1998 Fabrication of Nb/Al-Nx/NbTiN Junctions for SIS Mixer Applications Above 1 THz Bumble, B.; LeDuc, H. G.; Stern, J. A.
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