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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2003 Two-way ranging during early mission phase Berner, J. B.; Kinman, P. W.
Jul-2006 Tying requirements to design artifacts Briggs, Clark; Sampson, Mark
Oct-2005 Type-definition objects Duquette, William H.
18-Oct-1994 A U.S. - Japan Collaborative Robotics Research Program Schenker, P.; Hirai, S.
24-Jun-2002 The U.S. ASTER Science Team activities Kahle, A.; Abrams, M. J.; Gillespie, A. R.; Pieri, D.; Ramsey, M.; Rowan, L. C.; Schmugge, T.; Wessels, R.
24-Jun-2002 The U.S. ASTER science team activities Kahle, A. B.; Abrams, M. J.; Gillespie, A. R.; Pieri, D.; Ramsey, M.; Rowan, L. C.; Schmugge, T.; Wessels, R.
5-Dec-1994 U.S. Department of Energy Directions in Photovoltaic Power Conditioner Development Using Smart Power/Power Integrated Circuit Technologies Bulawka, A.; Bower, W.; Krauthamer, S.; Das, R.
3-Oct-1994 U.S. In-Space Electric Propulsion Experiments Stocky, John F.; Vondra, Robert; Sutton, Alan M.
Aug-1995 U.S. Lander for the Intermarsnet Mission Miller, Sylvia R.
1996 The U.S. National Environmental Policy Act, and NASA/JPL Compliance for Space Missions Dawson, Sandra M.
12-Mar-2001 U.S. Participation in the Mars Express Mission Morrison, A.; Thompson, T.; Acton, A.; Bourke, R.; Butman, S.; Campbell, J.; Jepson, P.; Johnson, W.; Lavoie, S.; Metzger, R.; Plaut, J.; Vaisnys, A.
18-Jan-2012 U.S. perspective on a U.S. contribution to Euclid Rhodes, Jason
24-May-1998 The U.S. Planetary Exploration Program Stephenson, R. R.
4-Mar-2006 The U.S. Rosetta Project : eighteen months in flight Alexander, Claudia J.; Gulkis, Samuel; Frerking, Margaret A.; Holmes, Dwight P.; Weissman, Paul A.; Burch, J.; Stern, A.; Goldstein, R.; Parker, J.; Cravens, T.; Fuselier, S.; Gombosi, T.; Ferri, Paolo; Montagnon, Elsa
2-Mar-2008 The U.S. Rosetta Project : Mars gravity assist Alexander, C.; Holmes, D.; Goldstein, R.; Parker, J.
6-Mar-2010 The U.S. Rosetta Project at its first science target: Asteroid (2867) Steins, 2008 Alexander, C.; Sweetnam, D.; Gulkis, S.; Weissman, P.; Holmes, D.; Parker, J.; Burch, J.; Goldstein, R.; Mokashi, P.; Fuselier, S.; McFadden, L.
1-Mar-2014 The U.S. Rosetta Project: preparations for prime mission, 2014 Alexander, C.; Chmielewski, A.; Aguinaldo, A.M.; Ko, A.; Accomazzo, A.; Taylor, M. G. G.
23-Mar-1999 U.S. Space VLBI Proposed Outreach Web Site Smith, J.; Hines, R.
14-Jul-1997 U.S. Space VLBI: VSOP Mission Ground Support System Wietfeldt, R.; Marphy, D.; Smith, J.; Smith, J.; Traub, D.
21-Aug-2000 The U.S. STEP-TAS pilot Siebes, G.; Koning, H. P. de; Lebegue, E.
Aug-1997 The UARS and EOS Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) Experiments Waters, J. W.
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