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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2008 Runtime Verification of C Programs Havelund, Klaus
26-Sep-2011 Runtime verification with state estimation Stoller, Scott D.; Bartocci, Ezio; Seyster, Justin; Grosu, Radu; Havelund, Klaus; Smolka, Scott A.; Zadok, Erez
16-Oct-1993 The Russian International Phobos Sample Return Mission Galeev, A.A.; Moroz, V.I.; Zakharov, A.V.; Kremnev, R.S.; Martynov, B.N.; Papkov, O.V.; Duxbury, T.C.; Surkov, Yu A.; E.L. Akim; Marov, M.
Feb-1996 The S/X-Band Microwave Feed System for NASA's First Beamwaveguide Antenna Manshadi, F.
Oct-1995 The S/X-Band Microwave Feed System for NASA's First Beamwaveguide Antenna Manshadi, F.
14-Jul-1997 S2 Pulsar Baseband Processing System Wietfeldt, R.; Bartel, N.; Rizzo, D. Del; Straten, W. Van; Cannon, W.; Novikov, S.; Bailes, M.; Stinebring, D.
25-Jul-2005 Safe agents in space : preventing and responding to Anomalies in the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment Tran, Daniel Q.; Chien, Steve; Rabideau, Gregg; Cichy, Benjamin
6-Dec-2004 Safe agents in space: lessons from the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment Sherwood, Rob; Chien, Steve; Tran, Daniel; Cichy, Benjamin; Castano, Rebecca; Davies, Ashley; Rabideau, Gregg
7-Sep-2005 Safe and efficient one-hot state machine Zheng, Jason; Katanyoutanant, Sunant; Le, Martin
27-Nov-2007 Safe charges rates for lithium-ion cells : effects of lithium plating Smart, M. C.; Whitcanack, L. D.; Ratnakumar, B. V.
2011 Safe laser beam propagation for interplanetary links Wilson, Keith E.
4-Jun-2014 Safe maritime autonomous path planning in a high sea state Ono, Masahiro; Quadrelli, Marco; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
26-Sep-2011 Safe maritime navigation with COLREGs using velocity obstacles Kuwata, Yoshiaki; Wolf, Michael T.; Zarzhitsky, Dimitri; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
29-Sep-2011 Safe maritime navigation with COLREGS using velocity obstacles Kuwata, Yoshiaki; Wolf, Michael; Zarzhitsky, Dimitri; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
21-Feb-2002 Safe navigation on hazardous terrain Tunstel, E.; Seraji, H.; Howard, A.
21-Mar-2011 Safety critical software architecture : a partioned software architecture for robotic spacecraft Horvath, Gregory; Cilloniz-Bicchi, Ferner; Chung, Seung; Dvorak, Dan; Hecox, Dave
15-Oct-2001 Safety requirements and process for attached payloads: the low temperature microgravity physics facility Barrow, K. D.; Croonquist, A.; Hahn, I.; Holmes, W.; Langford, D.; Liu, F. C.
29-Oct-2007 Safety verification of a fault tolerant reconfigurable autonomous goal-based robotic control system Braman, Julia M. B.; Murray, Richard M; Wagner, David A.
21-Mar-2011 Safety-critical partitioned software architecture : a partitioned software architecture for robotic Horvath, Greg; Chung, Seung H.; Cilloniz-Bicchi, Ferner
2002 SAFIR web site Menzies, R. T.; Yorke, H.; Bradford, M.
5-Jan-2003 SAFIR, the Single Aperture Far-Infrared Observatory, the next big step beyond SIRTF and Herschel Bradford, C. M.; Yorke, H.
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