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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995 A Numerical Study of High Rayleigh Number Thermal Convection in Wang, P.; Ferraro, R.D.
May-1993 Numerically Integrated Orbits of the Major Saturnian Satellites fit to Earthbased Observations Jacobson, R. A.; Vaughan, R. M.
Mar-1995 The NUONCE Engine for LEO Networks Lo, Martin
15-Feb-1996 An O(log N) Algorithm for Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics Simulations Fijany, Amir; Sahimi, Muhammad; Salmon, John K.
23-May-2002 Object-based FEA modeling in IMOS: a progress report Moore, G. J.
4-Nov-2002 Object-oriented design of simultaneous bundle adjustment software for the georectification of Multi-Angle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR) and Airbourne Multi-Angle Imaging Spectroradiometer (AirMISR) Smyth, M.
25-Aug-1996 Object-Oriented Geographical Database Model Johnson, M. L.; Bryant, N.; Sapounas, D.
10-Feb-1998 Object-Oriented Plasma PIC Simulation Using Fortran 90 on Supercomputers Decyk, V.; Szymanski, B.; Norton, C.
20-May-1998 Object-Oriented Scientific Programming with Fortran 90 Norton, C.
1-Jun-1999 An Object-Oriented Software Architecture For Planetary Dextrous Manipulators Nesnas, I.; Maimone, M.
17-Mar-1997 Oblique Insonification Ultrasonic NDE of Composite Materials for Space Applications Bar-Cohen, Y.; Lih, S.; Mal, A.K.
12-Dec-2005 OBPR Free Flyer draft roadmap overview Israelsson, Ulf
Mar-1997 The OBrO C(<sup>2</sup>A<sub>2</sub>) X (<sup>2</sup>B<sub>1</sub>) Absorption Spectrum Miller, Charles E.; Nickolaisen, Scott L.; Francisco, Joseph S.; Sander, Stanley P.
7-Apr-2008 Obscured AGN at high redshift Stern, Daniel
10-Sep-2013 Obscured quasars Stern, Daniel; Assef, R.; Donoso, E.; Eisenhardt, Peter; Wu, Jingwen; Tsai, Chao-Wei; Yan, Lin; Bridge, Carrie
18-Aug-2008 Observability and estimation of distributed space systems via local information-exchange networks Rahmani, Amirreza; Mesbahi, Mehran; Fathpour, Nanaz; Hadaegh, Fred Y.
17-Jul-2003 Observaions of GPS sea surface reflections rom the SAC-C spacecraft Meehan, T. K.; Cardellach, E.; Lowe, S.; Young, L.
18-Oct-1993 Observation and Interpretation of a Near Infrared Spot Baines, W.
19-May-1993 Observation and Measurement of Horizontal Terrain Displacements Associated With the Landers Earthquake of 28 June 1992 Using Spot Panchromatic Imagery Crippen, Robert E.
6-Dec-2002 Observation and modelling of the evolution of a field of rifts near Hemmen Ice Rise, Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica Larour, E.; Rignot, E.; Aubry, D.
9-Apr-2000 Observation Model for the Space Interferometry Mission Turyshev, S.; Milman, M.
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