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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Apr-1999 IVHM Sensor Technology Baroth, E.
25-Oct-1999 IVHM Sensors Program Baroth, E.
2-May-2011 I‐deas TMG to NX space systems thermal model conversion and computational performance comparison Somawardhana, Ruwan
16-Aug-1993 Jacobi's Integral and deltaV-Earth-Gravity-Assist Trajectories Sweetser, Theodore H.
19-Aug-1993 Jacobi's Integral and deltaV-Earth-Gravity-Assist Trajectories Sweetser, Theodore H.
24-Jun-2013 James Webb Space Telescope Mid Infra-Red Instrument pulse-tube cryocooler electronics Harvey, D.; Flowers, T.; Liu, N.; Moore, K.; Tran, D.; Valenzuela, P.; Franklin, B.; Michaels, D.
May-1998 The January 10, 1997 Auroral Hot Spot, Horseshoe Aurora and First Substorm: A CME Loop? Tsurutani, B. T.; Arballo, J. K.; Lakhina, G. S.; Ho, C. M.; Ajello, J.; Pickett, J. S.; Gurnett, D. A.; Lepping, R. P.; Peterson, W. K.; Rostoker, G.; Kamide, Y.; Kokubun, S.
2-Mar-2011 Japanese Hayabusa asteroid sample return Thompson, Tommy
10-Jun-2002 Jason 1 data quality assessment and dealising from high-frequency wind and pressure variability Zlotnicki, V.; Ali, A.; Ponte, R. M.
13-Jun-2002 JASON science data distribution at JPL PO.DAAC Benada, J. R.; Case, K. E.; Collins, D. J.
26-Mar-2001 Jason-1 altimeter data at PO.DAAC Benada, R.
8-Sep-2002 Jason-1 altimetry products distributed by PO.DAAC Bingham, A.; Case, K.
13-Jun-2002 JASON-1 data distribution at PO.DAAC Benada, J. R.; Case, K. E.; Collins, D. J.
13-Oct-1998 Jason-1 Orbit Animations Kunstman, G.
2002 Jason-1 science data distribution Case, K.; Picot, N.
22-Jun-2001 Jason-1 sea level from space Sipple-Srinivasan, M.
26-Mar-2013 Jason-3 advanced microwave radiometer thermal balance test Krylo, Robert; Chan, Larry
6-Feb-2003 Java for flight software Benowitz, E.; Niessner, A.
13-Jul-2003 Java for flight software Niessner, A.; Benowitz, E.
13-Jun-2003 Java for flight software Benowitz, E. G.; Niessner, A. F.
7-May-2002 Java for flight software Hassan, R. J.
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