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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2012 Guidelines for successful use and communication of instrument heritage in early mission development with a focus on spectrometers Cooper, Lynne P.; Baker, Elizabeth E.
21-Jul-2003 Gusev Meridiani will look different : radar scattering properties of the Mars Exploration Rover landing sites Haldemann, Albert F.; Larsen, K. W.; Jurgens, R. F.; Slade, M. A.; Butler, B. J.; Arvidon, R. E.; Harmon, J. K.
3-Mar-2007 Gyro evaluation for the mission to Jupiter Jerebets, Sergei A.
28-Sep-1999 H***Sub2*** In The Molecular Supernova Remnants W 28, W44, and 3C 391 Reach, W.; Rho, J.
1995 H2-Broadened H216O in Four Infrared Bands Between 55 and 4045 cm-1 Brown, L. R.
1994 H2O-Rich Interstellar Grain Mantles: An Equilibrium Picture Dissly, R. W.; Allen, M.; Anicich, V. G.
17-Oct-1993 H<sub>2</sub> and Self-Broadened Ammonia in the Far-Infrared Brown, L.R.; Peterson, D.B.
20-Sep-2009 Hall-effect thruster simulations with 2-D electron transport and hydrodynamic ions Mikellides, Ioannis G.; Katz, Ira; Hofer, Richard H.; Goebel, Dan M.
Feb-1997 Halo Orbit Generation Using the Center Manifold Lo, M. W.
9-Feb-1997 Halo Orbit Generation Using the Center Manifold Lo, M. W.
2000 Halo Orbit Mission Correction Maneuvers Using Optimal Control Lo, M.; Serban, R.; Petzold, L.; Koon, W.; Ross, S.; Marsden, J.; Wilson, R.
28-Aug-2001 HAMSR - the High Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer Lambrigtsen, Bjorn H.; Riley, A. L.
3-Mar-2007 Hand-eye calibration using active vision Nickels, Kevin; Huber, Eric; DiCicco, Matthew
1994 Handbook for Dynamic Data Acquisition and Analysis - IES Recommended Practices 012.1 Himelblau, H.; Wise, J. W.; Piersol, A. G.; Grundvig, M. R.
5-May-2014 Handling late changes to Titan science Pitesky, Jo Eliza; Steadman, Kim; Ray, Trina; Burton, Marcia
5-May-2014 Handling late changes to Titan science Pitesky, J.; Steadman, K.; Ray, T.; Burton, M.
18-Oct-1993 Hands-On Activities: Let's Get Real Roettger, E.; Buratti, B.
1996 Hard Networks, Soft Networks Alvidrez, Richard
24-Oct-2004 Hard real-time : C++ versus RTSJ Dvorak, Daniel L.; Reinholtz, William K
18-Mar-2000 Hard-real-time resource management for autonomous spacecraft Gat, E.
Jul-1995 Hardness Assurance and Testing Techniques for High Resolution Lee, C.I.; Rax, B.G.; Johnston, A.H.
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