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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1998 Rotating Molten Metallic Drops and Their Applications for Surface Tension Measurements Rhim, W. K.; Ishikawa, T.
22-Aug-2012 Rotating Radio Transients and their place among pulsars Burke-Spolaor, S.
11-Nov-2002 Rotation of intermediate and low mass MS stars Stauffer, J.
15-Apr-1996 The Rotation Rates of Very Small Asteroids: Evidence for Rubble-Pile Structure Harris, A. W.
18-Jul-1999 The Rotational and Gravitational Effect of Earthquakes Gross, R.
18-Aug-2012 The rotational and gravitational signature of recent great earthquakes Gross, Richard S.
1997 Rotational Excitation of CO in Diffuse ISM: Effects of Line Emission from Dense Molecular Clouds Wannier, P.; Andersson, B. G.; Penprase, B.
Jan-1993 Rotational Spectra of the X states of CaH and CaD Frum, C.I.; Oh, J.J.; Cohen, E.A.; Pickett, H.M.
12-Jun-2000 The Rotational Spectra of the X***sub1******sup2***II***sub1/2*** and X***sub2******sup2***II***sub3/2*** States of Bio Cohen, E.; Goodridge, D.; Kawaguchi, K.
1994 The Rotational Spectra, Hyperfine Interactions, and <sup>17</sup>o Magnetic Shieldings of <sup>17</sup>O<sup>16</sup>O<sup>16</sup>O,<sup>16</sup>O<sup>17</sup>O<sup>16</sup>OO, and <sup>17</sup>OS<sup>16</sup>O Cohen, E. A.; Hillig, K. W. II; Pickett, H. M.
6-Sep-1999 Rotational Spectra, Hyperfine Structure, and Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Tensors of 33S02 and S0170 Cohen, E.; Muller, H.; Winnewisser, G.; Schafer, M.; Brupbacher-Gatehouse, B.; Bauder, A.
17-Nov-2005 Rotational spectroscopy at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Drouin, Brian J.
2000 Rotational Spectroscopy in Support of Microwave Limb Sounding and Upper Atmospheric Research Cohen, E.
Jun-1997 The Rotational Spectrum and Anharmonic Force Field of Chlorine Dioxide, OClO Muller, Holger S. P.; Sorensen, G.; Birk, Manfred; Friedl, Randy R.
1994 The Rotational Spectrum and Molecular Structure of Chlorine Chlorate Friedl, R. R.; Birk, M.; Oh, J. J.; Cohen, E. A.
6-Sep-1999 The Rotational Spectrum of Bio IN ITS X***sub1***sup2***II***sub1/2*** and X***sub2***sup2***II***sub3/2 Electronic States Cohen, E.; Goodridge, D.; Kawaguchi, K.
Apr-1999 The Rotational Spectrum of Chloryl Chloride, CICIO***Sub2***, in its Ground Vibrational State Cohen, E.; Muller, H.; Christen, D.
6-Sep-1999 The Rotational Spectrum of Iodine Dioxide, OIO Cohen, E.; Miller, C.
25-Apr-2000 Rotations of Planets and Asteroids Harris, A.
30-Aug-2005 Rough and steep terrain lunar surface mobility Wilcox, Brian
19-Nov-2002 Rough lander concept for Mars exploration Thurman, S.; Rivellini, T. P.
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