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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-1994 Dynamic Simulation of a Periodic 10 K Sorption Cryocooler Bhandari, P.; Rodriguez, J.; Bard, S.; Wade, L.
18-Jun-2000 Dynamic Telemetry Bit Rates for Deep Space Communications Berner, J.; Kinman, P.; Sue, M.
10-Mar-2001 Dynamic telemetry bit rates for Deep Space Communications Berner, Jeff B.; Kinman, Peter W.; Sue, Miles K.
Sep-2005 Dynamic testing and simulation of the Mars Exploration Rover Lindemann, Randel
9-Jun-2002 Dynamic testing techniques for qualifying Mars Eploration Rover equipment to quasi-static landing loads Davis, G. L.; Scharton, T. D.; Tsoi, W. B.
16-Aug-1999 Dynamic Thinning of the Ice Streams Draining into the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica Rignot, E.
6-Oct-2002 Dynamical ages of long-period comets Weissman, P. R.
2002 Dynamical and chemical contributions to variability in microwave limb sounder Arctic stratoshperic column ozone Manney, G.; Froidevaux, L.; Sabutis, J. L.; Santee, M. L.; Livesey, N. J.; Waters, J. W.
29-Jul-2002 Dynamical evolution of dust particles in the Kuiper disk Holmes, E. K.; Dermott, S. F.; Gustafson, B.
29-Jul-2002 Dynamical evolution of dust particles in the Kuiper disk Holmes, E. K.; Dermot, S. F.; Gustafson, B.
10-Oct-1999 A Dynamical Model of Jupiter's 5-Micron Hot Spots Friedson, J.; Orton, G.
18-Oct-2001 Dynamical networks with topological self-organization Zak, M.
27-Mar-2000 Dynamical Reference Frame - Current Relevance and Future Prospects Standish, E.
7-Oct-1996 The Dynamical Reference Frame Standish, E. M.
23-Aug-1999 Dynamical Signatures of Living Systems Zak, M.
1996 Dynamical Simulation of Probabilities Zak, Michail
4-Jun-2006 A dynamical systems approach to the design of the science orbit around Europa Gomez, Gerard; Lara, Martin; Russell, Ryan P.
7-Jun-2001 Dynamically reconfigurable imager for real-time staring vision systems Yang, G.; Sun, C.; Wrigley, C.; Stack, D.; Kramer, C.; Pain, B.
12-Jun-2002 Dynamically reconfigurable vision with high performance CMOS active pixel sensors (APS) Pain, B.; Sun, C.; Wrigley, C.; Yang, G.
1994 Dynamics About Uniformly Rotating Tri-Axial Ellipsoids. Application to Dynamics About Asteroids Scheeres, D.J.
5-Aug-2002 Dynamics and control of a 25-meter aperture virtual structure Gossamer telescope in GEO Mettler, E.; Quadrelli, M.; Breckenrisge, W.
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