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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2002 JavaOne: writing a large application in the real world based on the Java Foundation Class/Swing API Roby, W. W.
23-Jul-2001 JEM-EF's accommodation of the Low Temperature Microgravity Physics Facility Pensinger, J.; Langford, D.; Croonquist, A.; Liu, F.
2000 The JERS Amazon Multi-Season Mapping Study (JAMMS): Observation Strategies and Data Characteristics Chapman, B.; Freeman, A.; Siqueira, P.
May-1996 The JERS-1 Amazon Multi-Season Mapping Study (JAMMS) Freeman, A.; Chapman, B.; Alves, M.
12-Jun-2000 The JERS-1 Amazon Multi-Season Mapping Study (JAMMS): Science Objectives and Implications for Future Missions Freeman, A.; Chapman, B.; Siqueira, P.
5-May-2003 JERS-1 SAR image mosaics of the North American Boreal forests: seasonal mosaics and natural resource applications Williams, C. L.; McDonald, K.; McGarragh, G.; Chapman, B.
10-Dec-2001 JERS-1 SAR observations of the Pantanal Wetland in South America Chapman, B.; Costa, N.; Rosenqvist, A.; Telmer, K.
Apr-1999 JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry Applications: Mapping of Rain Forest Environments and Crustal Deformation Studies Rosen, P.; Hensley, S.; Peltzer, G.; Rignot, E.; Werner, C.
Jul-1997 Jet Deflections in Radio Galaxies Tingay, S. J.
1996 Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Space: The Production of Astrophysical Jets by Magnetic Accretion Disks, and a Super-Eddington Wind Model for the Early Stages of GROJ1455-40. Meir, David L.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Reynolds, J. E.; Jauncey, D. L.; Backus, P. R.; McCulloch, P. M.; Sinclair, M. W.; Wilson, W. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Gough, R. G.; Ellingsen, S. P.; Phillips, C. J.; Preston, R. A.; Jones, D. L.
19-Oct-2011 Jet Propulsion Laboratory : Organizational Update Stein, Andrea
5-May-2011 Jet Propulsion Laboratory : STI Update – 2010 Year Review Powers, Robert; Stein, Andrea; Young, Margo
12-Sep-2013 Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Bayh-Dole Act Broderick, Dan
18-May-2004 Jet Propulsion Laboratory annual STI update Stein, Andrea; Young, Margo; Holm, Jeanne
12-May-2005 Jet Propulsion Laboratory annual STI update Stein, Andrea; Young, Margo
18-Mar-2003 Jet Propulsion Laboratory environmental test standards - an overview Hoffman, A. R.; Evans, K. E.; Fisher, T. F.; Forgrave, J. C.
20-Mar-2006 Jet Propulsion Laboratory evironmental verification processes and test effectiveness Hoffman, Alan R.; Green, Nelson W.
8-Dec-1997 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Free-Flying Magnetometers for Distributed In-Situ Multiprobe Measurement of Current Density Filamentation in the Northern Auroral Zone: Enstrophy Mission Javadi, H.; Blaes, B.; Boehm, M.; Cruzan, C.; Gibbs, J.; Goodman, W.; Lieneweg, U.; Lynch, K.; Narvaez, P.; Perrone, D.; Snare, B.; Sue, M.; Turoski, L.; Leschly, K.; Goldstein, R.
24-Mar-1993 Jet Propulsion Laboratory IGS Analysis Center Report Zumberge, James F.; Jefferson, David C.; Blewitt, Geoffrey; Heflin, Michael B.; Webb, Frank H.
24-Feb-1993 The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Exploration Past, Present and Future Bellan, Josette
24-May-2002 Jet Propulsion Laboratory STI update Young, M.
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