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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-1998 X-Ray Exposure of Electron-Deposited Photoresist for Conformal Lithography on Corrugated Surfaces Hartley, F.; Malek, C.; Nguyen, S.
13-Mar-2000 X-ray Imaging Applied to Problems in Planetary Materials Jurewicz, A. J. G.; Mih, D. T.; Jones, S. M.; Connolly, H.
2002 The x-ray luminosities of Herbig-Haro objects Velazquez, A. C.; Noriega-Crespo, P. F.; Raga, A.
Mar-1993 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Studies of Chemically-Etched High Temperature Superconductor Surfaces Vasquez, R.P.
1995 X-Ray Photoemission Measurements and Electronic Structure of HgBa2CaCu2O6+Delta Vasquez, R.P.; Rupp, M.; Tsuei, C.C.
12-Mar-2001 X-ray photoemission study of MgB2 Vasquez, R. P.; Jung, C. U.; Park, M. S.; Kim, H. J.; Kim, J. Y.; Lee, S. I.
2001 X-ray photoemission study of the infinite-layer cuprate superconductor Sr(0.9) La (0.1) CuO(2) Vasquez, R. P.; Jung, C. U.; Kim, J. Y.; Kim, M. S.; Lee, S. Y.; Lee, S. I.
1999 An X-ray Selected Galaxy Cluster at z = 1.26 ***Sup1,2*** Eisenhardt, P.; Elston, R.; Stern, D.; Dey, A.; Rosati, P.; Stanford, S.; Spinrad, H.
2-May-1997 X-Ray Spectral Evolution of the Crab Pulse Harding, A. K.; Pravdo, S. H.; Angelini, L.
2002 X-ray synchronization emitting Fe-rich ejecta in SNR RCW 86 Rho, J.; Dyer, K. K.; Borkowski, K. J.; Reynolds, S. P.
3-Jun-2001 X-rays and protostars in the Trifid Nebula Rho, J.; Corcoran, M. F.; Chu, Y.-H.; Reach, W. T.
10-Jun-2005 X-rays from Cepheus A East and West Pravdo, Steven H.; Tsuboi, Yohko
Apr-2004 X-rays from HH 80, HH 81, and the Central Region Maeda, Y.; Tsuboi, Y.; Pravdo, S. H.
19-Jun-1994 X/Ka-Band Dual Frequency Horn Design Chen, Jacqueline C.; Stanton, Philip H.
5-Mar-2012 The X/Ka-band Extragalactic Reference Frame Garcia-Miro, Cristina; Sotuela, I.; Jacobs, C. S.; Clark, J. E.; Romero-Wolf, A.; Horiuchi, S.; Snedeker, L .G.
Dec-2003 X/Ka-band feed for the DSN array Gatti, Mark; Imbriale, William; Hoppe, Daniel; Reilly, Harry; Prater, Jack; Britcliffe, Michael
21-Jul-1996 X/X/Ka-Band Horn Design Chen, Jacquline; Stanton, Philip H.; Reilly, Harry F.
8-Mar-2003 X2000 advanced avionics characterization study Day, L.; Meyer, D.; Nicolich, N.; Steele, R.; Uchenik, I.; Vines, K.
19-Nov-2002 X2000 advanced avionics characterization study : Living in the modern world of difficult to predict processor performance. Day, L. E.; Meyer, D.; Nicolich, N.; Steele, R.; Uchenik, I.; Vines, K.
13-Feb-2002 X2000 advanced avionics development Blue, R. C.; Thomas, V.
8-Mar-2003 X2000 Advanced Avionics Project development of a new generation of avionics for space applications Blue, R. C.; Bolotin, G. S.
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