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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2001 Quasar astrophysics with the space interferometry mission Unwin, S. C.; Wehrle, A. E.; Jones, D. L.; Meier, D. L.; Piner, B. G.
15-Oct-2007 Quasat astrophysics with the space interferometry mission Unwin, Stephen; Wehrle, Ann; Meier, David; Jones, Dayton; Piner, Glenn
24-May-2006 Quasi real time data analysis for air quality monitoring with an electronic nose Zhou, Hanying; Shevade, Abhijit V.; Pelletier, Christine C.; Homer, Margie L.; Ryan, M. Amy
29-May-2001 Quasi-biennial oscillation signatures in ozone and temperature observed by lidar at Mauna Loa, Hawaii (19.5***superdegrees***N, 155.6***superdegrees***W) LeBlanc, T.; McDermid, I. S.
16-Jul-2006 Quasi-biennial oscillations (QBO) as seen in GPS/CHAMP tropospheric and ionospheric Data Wu, Dong L.; Pi, Xiaoqing; Ao, Chi O.; Mannucci, Anthony J.
19-Jun-1994 A Quasi-Containerless Pendant Drop Method for Surface Tension Measurements of Molten Metals and Alloys Thiessen, David B.; Man, Kin F.
19-Jun-1994 A Quasi-Containerless Pendant Drop Method for Surface Tension Measurements of Molten Metals Theissen, David B.; Man, Kin F.
18-Oct-1999 Quasi-Obervations Approach for the Combination of Space and Terrestrial Geodetic Data Dong, D.; Herring, T.; King, R.
4-Aug-1997 A Quasi-Optical Transmit/Receive Switch for the Goldstone Solar System Radar Bhanji, Al
16-Oct-1994 A Quasiparticle SIS Heterodyne Reciever at 600 GHz - 635 GHz Salez, M.; Febvre, P.; McGrath, W.R.; Bumble, B.; LeDuc, H.G.
20-Mar-1999 Quasiparticle Tunneling and Andreev Reflection Study of the Pseudogap in Underdoped La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4) and YBa(2)Cu(3)O(6+x) Vasquez, R.; Wei, J.; Chen, C. T.; Fu, C. C.; Yen, N. C.
13-Sep-2012 Quasiparticle tunneling measurements on an illuminated quantum capacitance detector array Stone, K. J.; Echternach, P. M.; Wilson, D .W.; Megerian, K.; Bueno, J.; Llombart, N.; Day, P. K.; Kawamura, J.
20-Mar-1999 Quasiparticle Tunneling Spectroscopy Study of High-Temperature Superconductivity Under a Spin-Polarized Current in Cuprate/Manganite Heterostructures Vasquez, R.; Wei, J.; Yeh, N. C.; Fu, C. C.
May-1995 Quaternary Explosive Volcanism and Pyroclastic Deposits in East-Central Mexico: Implications for Abrams, Michael
20-Sep-2010 The quest for an OCO (Orbiting Carbon Observatory) re-flight Basilio, Ralph R.; Livermore, Thomas R.; Shen, Y. Janet; Pollock, H. Randy
29-Jan-2000 The Quest for Interstellar Exploration Wallace, R.; Ayon, J.
10-May-2012 The quest for other worlds like Earth : the Kepler Mission Gautier, Thomas
15-Oct-2001 Quest to observe the bulk superfluid breakdown in a heat flux Chui, T.; Day, P.
15-Oct-2001 Quest to observe the Bulk Superfluid breakdown in a heat flux Chui, T.; Day, P.; Chatto, A.; Goodstein, D.; Lee, R.; Harter, A. W.
29-Mar-2011 Question #5 : What role can satellites take, as a complement to ground based measurement systems, to provide sustained observations to monitor GHG emissions? Chahine, Moustafa; Olsen, Edward
29-Mar-2011 Question #9 : With respect to the AIRS dispersive hyperspectral sensor – what are the applications, experiences, and the status of new JPL GHG research and what does AIRS show for the future of atmospheric measurements? Chahine, Moustafa; Olsen, Edward
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