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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2004 Hyper-parametric oscillations in a whispering gallery mode fluorite resonator Savchenkov, Anatoliy; Strekalov, Dmitry; Mohageg, Makan; Ilchenko, Vladimir; Matsko, Andrey; Maleki, Lute
16-Oct-1997 Hyperbolic Equations for Vacuum Gravity Using Special Orthonormal Frames Estabrook, F. B.
Aug-2011 A hyperbolic ontology visualization tool for model application programming interface documentation Hyman, Cody
12-Aug-2001 Hyperfine interactions in hexavalent iron compounds Tsapin, A. I.; Dedushenko, S. K.; Perfiliev, Y. D.; Goldfeld, M. G.
8-Mar-2002 Hyperion on-orbit calibration validation with AVIRIS in Argentina Green, R. O.; Pavri, B.
6-Nov-2001 Hyperion on-orbit calibration validation with AVIRIS in Argentina Green, Robert O.; Chrien, Thomas; Pavri, Betina
21-Aug-1994 Hyperpolarizabilities of Push-Pull Polyenes: Experimental Results and a New Two-State Model Perry, J.; Bourhill, G.; Marder, S.; Lu, D.; Chen, G.; Goddard, W.
23-May-2003 Hyperspectral data compression Aranki, N.; Kiely, A.
9-Sep-2012 Hyperspectral feature detection onboard the Earth observing one spacecraft Thompson, David R.; Chien, Steve; Bornstein, Benjamin; Bue, Brian; Castaño, Becky; Gleeson, Damhnait; Noell, Aaron; Schaffer, Steve; Tran, Daniel
30-Sep-2012 Hyperspectral feature detection onboard the Earth Observing One Spacecraft using superpixel segmentation and endmember extraction Thompson, David R.; Bornstein, Benjamin; Bue, Brian D.; Tran, Daniel Q.; Chien, Steve A.; Castaño, Rebecca
4-Mar-1996 The Hyperspectral Imager Aboard the SSTI's Lewis Spacecraft: A Comparison With AVIRIS Sokolowski, James K.; Witcher, Kern; Davis, Bruce A.; Green, Robert O.
21-Jul-2003 Hyperspectral sensor systems data sources for enhanced analysis Pearlman, J.; Cooley, T.; Green, R.; Davis, C.
25-Jul-2013 The Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES) - early results Hook, Simon
21-May-2011 The Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES): preliminary results Hook, Simon
2-Mar-2013 Hyperspectral thermal emission spectrometer: engineering flight campaign Johnson, William R.; Hook, Simon J.; Shoen, Steven S.; Eng, Bjorn T.
Sep-1993 Hypertext-Based Design of a User Interface for Scheduling Woerner, Irene Wong; Biefeld, Eric
18-Mar-2000 Hypothesis Generation Strategies for Adaptive Problem Solving Engelhardt, B.; Chien, S.; Mutz, D.
Oct-2012 HyspIRI Cloud Mask Detection Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Hulley, Glynn C.; Hook, Simon J.
Apr-2011 HyspIRI high-temperature saturation study Realmuto, V.; Hook, S.; Foote, M.; Csiszar, I.; Dennison, P.; Giglio, L.; Ramsey, M.; Vaughan, R.G.; Wooster, M.; Wright, R.
May-2011 HyspIRI Level-2 Thermal Infrared (TIR) land surface temperature and emissivity algorithm theoretical basis document. Hulley, Glenn c.; Hook, Simon J.
Apr-2011 HyspIRI Level-2 TIR surface radiance algorithm theoretical basis document Hulley, G.; Hook, S.
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