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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2001 The D-2 variation for isolated LOX drops and polydisperse clusters in hydrogen at high temperaturen and pressures Harstad, K.; Bellan, J.
14-May-2012 D.R.O.P. The Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform McKenzie, Clifford; Parness, Aaron
Aug-2011 D.R.O.P: The Durable Reconnaissance and Observation Platform McKenzie, Clifford
8-May-2006 Daily JPL processing of 1000+ ground-based GPS receivers to estimate interfrequency biases and other practical applications. Komjathy, Attila; Wilson, B.; Iijima, B.; Mannucci, A. J.
22-Jun-2006 Daily planet redesign : eZ publish web content managment implementation Dutra, Jayne E.
9-Feb-2003 Daily repeat-groundtrack Mars orbits Noreen, G. K.; Kerridge, S. J.; Ely, T. A.; Diehl, R. E.; Komarek, T. A.; Neelon, J.; Turner, A.
6-Dec-2002 Daily to interannual variability in Mars' surfare pressure Leroy, S. S.; Richardson, M.; Yung, Y.; Wilson, R. J.
Mar-1999 Damper Placement for Spaceborne Interferometers Using ***H***oo***-Norm, Genetic Algorithm, and Simulated Annealing, Optimization Joshi, S.
5-Mar-2011 DAQ: software architecture for data acquisition in sounding rockets Ahmad, Mohammad; Tran, Thanh; Nichols, Heidi; Bowles-Martinez, Jessica N.
11-Dec-2012 DARE : Dark Ages Radio Explorer. Lazio, Joseph
6-Dec-2004 Dark current degradation of near infrared avalanche photodiodes from proton irradiation Becker, Heidi N.; Johnston, Allan H.
21-Apr-2011 Dark energy with cluster strong lensing Jullo, Eric; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Natarajan, Priyamvada; D’Aloiso, Anson; Limousin, Marceau; Richard, Johan; Schimd, Carlo
May-1998 Dark Material in the Polar Layered Deposits on Mars Herkenhoff, K. E.; Vasavada, A. R.
Apr-1998 Dark Matter and Extragalactic Gas Clouds in the NGC 4532/DDO 137 System Hoffman, G. L.; Lu, N. Y.; Salpeter, E. E.; Connell, B. M.
12-Oct-1999 The Dark Side of Iapetus and Hyperion: One and the Same? Buratti, B.; Hicks, M.; Tryka, K.; Sittig, M.; Newburn, R.
2-Sep-2003 The dark side of Iapetus: a model that finally works? Buratti, B. J.; Hicks, M. D.
Feb-1995 The Dark Side of Iapetus: Additional Evidence for an Exogenous Origin Buratti, B.
1994 The Dark Side of Iapetus: New Evidence for an Exogenous Origin Buratti, B. J.; Mosher, J. A.
24-May-1993 The Dark Side of Iapetus: New Evidence for an Exogenous Origin Buratti, Bonnie J.; Mosher, Joel A.
30-Apr-2010 DARPA DTN Phase 3 core engineering support Torgerson, J. Leigh; Richard Borgen, Richard; McKelvey, James; Segui, John; Tsao, Phil
21-Jun-2004 The DART cylindrical, infrared, 1 meter membrane reflector Morgan, Rhonda M.; Agnes, Greg S.; Barber, Dan; Dooley, Jennifer; Dragovan, Mark; Hatheway, Al E.; Marcin, Marty
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