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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2005 3D sun loop tracer: a tool for stereoscopy of coronal loops for NASA's STEREO mission Liewer, Paulett; Hall, Jeff; Sheth, Parth; DeJong, Eric; Lorre, Jean
Aug-2011 3D vegetation mapping using UAVSAR, LVIS, and LIDAR data acquisition methods Simard, Marc; Calderon, Denice
11-Jul-2012 3D vision processing for the MER and MSL Mars Rover Missions Deen, Bob
Dec-2012 3D X-ray CT for BGA/CGA Workmanship Defect Detection Ghaffarian, Reza
Dec-1995 3HE-rich Solar Particle Mean Free Paths Tsurutani, B.T.
18-Apr-2006 3X's new focus Garrison, Philip W.
Jul-1997 The 4-Day Wave and Transport of UARs Tracers in the Austral Polar Vortex Manney, G. L.; Orsolini, Y. J.; Pumphrey, H. C.; Roche, A. E.
1996 The 4-Day Wave as Obvserved from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Microwave Limb Sounder Allen, D. R.; Stanford, J. L.
1996 4-Dimensional Special Orthonormal Frames for Vacuum Gravity Estabrook, F. B.; Robinson, R. S.; Wahlquist, H. D.
Jun-1993 (4015) 1979 VA: "Missing Link" Discovered Helin, Eleanor F.
16-May-2008 41st Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium Boesiger, Edward A.
27-Jan-2001 45 Km horizontal path optical link demonstrations Biswas, Abhijit; Wright, Malcolm W.; Sanii, Babak; Page, Norman A.
26-Jan-1999 45 Km Horizontal Path Optical Link Experiment Biswas, A.; Ceniceros, J.; Novak, M.; Jeganathan, M.; Portillo, A.; Erickson, D.; Depew, J.; Sanii, B.; Lesh, J.
3-Nov-2013 4DoF drift free navigation using inertial cues and optical flow Weiss, Stephan; Brockers, Roland; Matthies, Larry
Sep-1995 A 5,730-Hr Cyclic Endurance Test of SPT-100 Garner, Charles
Sep-1995 A 5,730-Hr Cyclic Endurance Test of the SPT-100 Garner, Charles E.
Jul-1995 A 5,730-Hr. Cyclic Endurance Test of the SPT-100 Garner, Charles
11-Feb-1994 5-GHz VLBI Imaging of the Gravitational Lens PKS 1830-211 Jones, D.
27-Mar-2000 50 Picometer Fiber Length Measurement for SIM Fiber Based Full Aperture Metrology Chang, T.; Vaez-Iravani, M.; Shaklan, S.; Halverson, P.; Bell, R.; Swanson, D.
Apr-2000 50 Ways to Torture a What?! Fisher, D.; Kwok, E.
5-Mar-2005 500°C electronics for harsh environments Sadwick, Laurence P.; Hwu, R. Jennifer; Chern, J. H. Howard; Lin, Ching-Hsu; Castillo, Linda Del; Johnson, Travis
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