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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2012 Roughness corrections for Aquarius SSS retrieval Yueh, Simon; Tang, Wendy; Fore, Alex; Hayashi, Akiko; Neumann, Greg
24-May-1999 Round Table Discussion: Science in a Political World Shao, M.; Stachnik, R.; Peterson, D.; Allen, R.; Beichman, C.; Johnston, K.; Kulkarni, S.; Labeyrie, A.; Van Citters, B.
26-Jan-2014 Round-trip solar electric propulsion missions for Mars sample return Bailey, Zachary J.; Sturm, Erick J.; Kowalkowski, Theresa D.; Lock, Robert E.; Woolley, Ryan C.; Nicholas, Austin K.
13-Dec-2004 A route to understanding of the Pioneer anomaly Turyshev, Slava G.; Nieto, Michael Martin; Anderson, John D.
8-Jun-1997 Routing in Networks with Random Topologies Bambos, Nicholas
14-May-2000 Rover and Sub-Surface Explorer Research and Development in NASA's Planetary Exploration Program Weisbin, C.; Rodriguez, G.
11-May-2002 Rover autonomy for long range navigation and science data acquisition on planetary surfaces Huntsberger, T.; Aghazarian, H.; Cheng, Y.; Baumgartner, E. T.; Tunstel, E.; Leger, C.; Trebi-Ollennu, A.; Schenker, P. S.
8-May-2003 Rover autonomy system validation Fesq, L. M.
28-Oct-2001 Rover localization results for the FIDO rover Baumgartner, E. T.; Aghazarian, H.; Trebi-Ollennu, A.
20-Mar-1999 Rover Maneuvering for Autonomous Vision-Based Dexterous Manipulation Nesnas, I.; Maimone, M.; Das, H.
7-Jul-2005 Rover mast calibration, exact camera pointing, and camara handoff for visual target tracking Kim, Won S.; Ansar, Adnan I.; Steele, Robert D.
7-Mar-2009 Rover reconfiguration for body-mounted coring with slip Hudson, Nicolas; Younse, Paulo; Backes, Paul; Bajracharya, Max
4-Nov-2002 Rover Sequencing and Visualization Program (RSVP) for the Mars Exploration Program (MER) Cooper, B.
19-May-2003 Rover technology development and infusion for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory mission Volpe, R.; Peters, S.
Sep-2005 Rover technology development and mission infusion Volpe, Richard
Apr-2005 Rover technology development and mission infusion beyond MER Volpe, Richard A.
Mar-2005 Rover technology development and mission infusion beyond MER Volpe, Richard
Apr-1996 Rover Technology for Mars Surface Exploration Weisbin, C.R.; Hayati, S.; Rodriguez, G.; Carr, M.
15-Oct-2004 Rover Technology TB (inc. CLARAty) Nesnas, Issa A. D.
23-Jul-2002 Rover traverse science - the opportunities and the challenges. Castano, Rebecca; Anderson, Robert
20-Mar-2003 Rover traverse science for increased mission science return Castano, Rebecca; Anderson, Robert C.; Estlin, Tara; DeCoste, Dennis; Fisher, Forest; Gaines, Daniel; Mazzoni, Dominic; Judd, Michele
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