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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2012 Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope [WFIRST]: Telescope design and simulated performance Goullioud, R.; Content, D. A.; Kuan, G. M.; Moore, J. D.; Chang, Z.; Sunada, E. T.; Villalvazo, J.; Hawk, J. P.; Armani, N. V.; Johnson, E. L.; Powell, C. A.
7-Oct-2012 Wide Operating Temperature Range Electrolytes for High Voltage and High Specific Energy Li-ion Cells Smart, M. C.; Hwang, C.; Krause, F. C.; Soler, J.; West, W. C.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Amine, K.
10-Oct-2012 Wide operating temperature range electrolytes for high voltage and high specific energy Li-ion cells. Smart, M. C.; Hawng, C.; Krause, C.; Soler, J.; West, W. C.; Ratnakumar, F. C.; Amine, K.
28-Aug-2001 The wide swath ocean altimeter: algorithm and technology developments for improved ocean topography measurements Pollard, Brian D.; Rodriguez, Ernesto; Kitiyakara, Amirit; Akins, Torry
Mar-2002 The wide swath ocean altimeter: radar interferometry for global ocean mapping with centimetric accuracy Pollard, Brian D.; Rodriguez, Ernesto; Veilleux, Louise; Akins, Torry; Brown, Paula; Kitiyakara, Amirit; Zawadski, Mark
14-Jan-2001 Wide-Area Technologies and Services in the Trans-Pacific High Data Rate (HDR) Satellite Communications Experiments Hsu, E.
29-Nov-2000 Wide-area technologies and services in the Trans-Pacific High Data Rate (HDR) satellite communications experiments Hsu, E.; Hung, C.; Kadowaki, N.; Yoshimura, N.; Takahashi, T.; Shopbell, P.; Walker, G.; Wellnitz, D.; Gary, P.; Clark, G.; Yoshikawa, M.; desJardins, R.; Gill, M.; Tatsumi, H.
5-Jul-2005 A wide-band dual-polarized VHF microstrip antenna for global sensing of sea ice thickness Huang, John; Hussein, Ziad; Petros, Argy
22-Jan-1993 A Wide-Band Fiber Optic Frequency Distribution System Employing Thermally Controlled Phase Compensation Johnson, Dean; Calhoun, Malcolm; Sydnor, Richard; Lutes, George
1-Dec-1993 A Wide-band Fiber Optic Frequency Distribution System Employing Johnson, Dean; Calhoun, Malcolm; Sydnor, Richard; Lutes, George
23-Mar-2010 Wide-band heterodyne submillimetre wave spectrometer for planetary atmospheres Schlecht, Erich
1994 Wide-Bandwidth Electro-Mechanical Actuators for Tunneling Displacement Transducers Kenny, T.; Kaiser, W.; Rockstad, H.; Reynolds, J.; Podosek, J.; Vote, E.
11-Jul-1993 The Wide-Field Infrared Explorer Schember, Helene; Hacking, Perry
30-Jun-2003 Wide-swath altimetric measurement of ocean surface topography Fu, L. L.; Rodriguez, E.
Jul-1999 Wide-Swath Ocean Altimetry Using Radar Interferometry Rodriguez, E.; Pollard, B.; Martin, J.
14-Oct-1996 Wideband Plasma Waves in the Polar Cap Boundary Layer: Polar Observations Ho, C. M.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Boonsiriseth, A.; Arballo, J. K.; Gurnett, D. A.; Pickett, J. S.
Aug-2011 Wideband spectroscopy : the design and implementation of a 3 GHz bandwidth, 8192 channel, polyphase digital spectrometer. Jarnot, Robert; Monroe, Ryan M.
Aug-2011 Wideband Spectroscopy: The design and implementation of a 3 GHz, 2048 channel digital spectrometer Monroe, Ryan M.
4-Nov-2002 WIGLAF - a web interface generator and legacy application facade Czikmantory, A. J.; Cwik, T.; Vinyard, E.; Hua, H.; Oyafuso, F.; Klimeck, G.
8-Feb-2004 Wild 2 approach maneuver strategy for Stardust spacecraft Williams, Kenneth E.
16-Aug-2004 WILD2 approach maneuver strategy used for Stardust spacecraft Bhat, Ramachandra S.; Williams, K. E.; Helfrich, C. E.; Kennedy, B. M.; Carranza, E.
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