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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1993 Current Applications of Analog Fiber Optics in the NASA/JPL Deep Space Network Lutes, G.
13-Sep-2000 Current carrying capacity of compact PCI connectors Parsons, H.; Arreola, A.
16-Jul-2000 Current Constraints on Io's Heat Flow Matson, D.
16-Jul-2000 Current Constraints on Io's Heat Flow Matson, D.
31-Jul-2005 The current development status of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) instrument optical design Haring, Robert; Sutin, Brian; Crisp, David; Pollock, Randy; Sundstrand, Hamilton
1995 Current Directions in Photovoltaic Power Conditional Development Using Smart Power/Power Krauthamer, Stan
Jan-1995 Current Directions in Photovoltaic Power Conditioner Development Using Smart Power/Power Krauthamer, Stan
7-Sep-2000 Current drainage patterns on Mars from MOLA data Banerdt, W. B.
6-Jul-2003 Current error estimates for LISA spurious accelerations Schumaker, B. L.; Steffins, R. T.; Bender, P. L.; Hanson, J.; Hoyle, C. D.; Vitale, S.
7-Mar-2009 Current fault management trends in NASA’s planetary spacecraft Fesq, Lorraine M.
19-Sep-2008 Current leakage evolution in partially gate raptured power MOSFETs. Scheick, Leif; Edmonds, Larry; Selva, Luis; Chen, Yuan
9-Feb-2003 Current mission design for the SIRTF mission Bonfiglio, E. P.; Garcia, M. D.
9-Mar-2002 Current mode circuits: increasing the chances of evolution to find a way Zebulum, R. S.; Stoica, A.; Keymeulen, D.; Ferguson, M. I.; Duong, V.; Daud, T.
24-Apr-2012 Current NPP sounder PEATE processing capabilities Starch, Michael
Jul-2005 Current progress on TPFI nulling architectures at Jet Propulsion Laboratory Gappinger, Robert O.; Wallace, J. Kent; Bartos, Randall D.; Macdonald, Daniel R.; Brown, Kenneth A.
5-Mar-2005 Current results from a Rover Science Data Analysis System Castano, Rebecca; Judd, Michele; Estlin, Tara; Anderson, Robert C.; Gaines, Daniel; Castano, Andres; Bornstein, Ben; Stough, Tim; Wagstaff, Kiri
9-Aug-1993 Current Results From The Advanced Photovoltaic Solar Array (APSA) Program Kurland, Richard M.; Stella, Paul M.
14-May-2001 Current silicon die thinning and bonding onto membranes technologies for solar sails Sokolowski, W.; D'Agostino, S.
4-Jun-2004 Current state of modeling the photochemistry of Titan’s mutually dependent atmosphere and ionosphere Wilson, Eric H.; Atreya, S. K.
11-Mar-2002 Current status of Mars Scouts Matousek, S.
Jan-2004 Current status of quantitative rotational spectroscopy for atmospheric research Drouin, Brian J.; Wlodarczak, Georges; Colmont, Jean-Marcel; Rohart, Francois
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