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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2002 Breakthrough in Mars balloon technology Kerzhanovich, V. V.; Cutts, J.; Cooper, H.; Hall, J.; MacDonald, B.; Pauken, M.; White, C.; Yavrouian, A.; Castano, A.; Cathey, H.; Fairbrother, D.; Smith, S.; Shreves, C.; Lachenmeir, T.; Rainwater, E.; Smith, M.
18-Mar-2000 Breakthrough Sensor Technology for Space Exploration in the 21st Century Krabach, T.
27-Apr-2000 Breakthroughs in the Assurance Research Process Barela, P.
17-Apr-2001 "Brick Wall" approximation of carrier synchronization losses for high performance channel codes Shambayati, S.
17-Apr-2001 The "Brick Wall" radio loss approximation and the performance of strong channel codes for deep space applications at high data rates. Shambayati, Shervin
3-Apr-2000 Bridging the Gap Between Space and Education Whalen, A.; Beisser, K.
Apr-2003 Bridging the gap between space robotics research and robotics education Howard, Ayanna; Graham, Eva
27-Jun-2002 Bridging the gap between systems and software engineering Rasmussen, B.
9-Sep-2008 Bridging the generation gap: a rapid early career hire training program Rieber, Richard R.; Coffee, Thomas; Dong, Shuonan; Infield, Samantha I.; Kilbride, Kendra B.; Seibert, Michael A.; Solish, Benjamin S.
18-Jun-1995 Bridgman-solution Crystal Growth and Characterization of Skutterudite Compounds CoSb<sub>3</sub> and RhSb<sub>3</sub> Borshchevsky, A.; Caillat, T.; Fleurial, J-P.
1995 Bridgman-Solution Crystal Growth and Characterization of the Skutterudite Compounds CoSb3 and Caillat, Thierry
18-Mar-2000 A Brief History of Memories in Space from a SEE (Single Event Effects) Perspective Swift, G.
18-Mar-2000 A Brief History of Memory in Space From an SEE Perspective Swift, G.
2002 A brief introduction to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Chau, S.
29-Nov-2012 Brief overview of JPL Gaf, James
12-Jun-2003 A brief review of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet spectroscopy of Europa and recommendations for the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Carlson, R. W.
20-Aug-2000 A Brief Summary of the Geomorphic Evidence For an Active Surface Hydrologic Cycle in Mars' Past Parker, T.
13-Sep-2011 A briefing for Chevron Shapiro, Andrew A.
14-Oct-2009 A briefing for UC Berkeley Shapiro, Andrew A.
14-Dec-2005 Briefing to quality leadership forum Klein, John; Ryschkewitsch, Mike
4-Apr-2005 Briefing to the 5th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation Evans, Diane L.
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