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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2011 G-12 Task Group No. 2010-01 Class Y: A New QML Class for Non-Hermetic Space Products Agarwal, Shri; Roosta, Ramin; Wilson, Tom; Sunderland, David; Harzstark, Larry
6-Feb-2012 G-12 Task Group No. 2010-01 Class Y: a new QML Class for non-hermetic space products Agarwal, S.; Carlson, R.; Sunderland, D.; Akbar, M.; Harzstark, L.
10-Sep-2006 A G-band 160 GHz T/R module concept for planetary landing radar transmit/receive module (T/R module); Samoska, Lorene; Kangaslahti, Pekka; Pukala, David; Sadowy, Gregory; Pollard, Brian; Hodges, Richard
20-Nov-2013 G. capture mechanism and capture process Wilcox, Brian
12-May-2002 G. Marconi Orbiter and the Mars Relay Network Noreen, G.; Komarek, T.; Diehl, R.; Edwards, C.; Kerridge, S.; Dionisio, C.; Marcozzi, M.; Collina, R.; Flamini, E.
9-Oct-2002 G. Marconi Orbiter: the first interplanetary communications satellite Noreen, G. K.; Komarek, T.; Diehl, R.; Brower, G.; Vhargese, P.; Edwards, C.; DePaula, R.; Marcozzi, A. M.; Dionisio, C.; Flaminmi, E.; Collina, R.; Spazio, A.
29-Sep-1999 G.R.O.W. (GIDEP Representatives Outreach Workshop) Karpen, R.
1-Oct-2012 G12 Task Group No. 2010-01 Class Y: a new QML class for non-hermetic space products Agarwal, S.; Carlson, R.; Sunderland, D.; Akbar, M.; Harzstark, L.
1-Aug-2000 GaAs based Terahertz sources for space applications: challenges and prospects Mehdi, I.; Schlecht, E.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Martin, S.; Maestrini, A.; Maiwald, F.; Bruston, J.; Samoska, L.; Pukala, D.
1996 GaAs Infrared Detectors Gunapala, S. D.; Bandara, S. V.
29-Jun-1994 GaAs JFETS Intended for Deep Cryogenic VLWIR Readout Electronics Cunningham, T.; Fossum, E.
3-Nov-1996 The GaAs MMIC Reliability Assurance Program Kayali, S.; Ponchak, G.; Shaw, R.
4-May-1997 GaAs Multiplexers for VLWIR Detector Readout Below 10 Kelvin Cunningham, T.; Fitzsimmons, M. J.
10-Oct-1993 GaAs Reliability Database Sacco, T.; Gonzalez, S.; Kayali, S.
7-Jul-2002 GaAs/AlGaAs based multi-quantum well infrared detector arrays for low-background applications Gunapala, S.; Bandara, S.; Bock, J.; Ressler, M.; Liu, J.; Mumolo, J.; Rafol, S.; Werner, M.; Cardimona, D.
1-Oct-2001 GaAs/AlGaAs broad-band and multi-band large format long-wavelength quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP) focal plane arrays Gunapala, S. D.; Bandara, S. V.; Liu, J. K.; Rafol, S. B.; Mumolo, J. M.; Reininger, F. M.
13-May-2004 GAJAT A rapid prototyping mission architecture tool with embedded costing. Gerber, Andrew J.; Crawford, John P.
1996 Galactic Abundance Gradients fro IR Fine Strucuture LInes in Compact H II regions Afflerbach, A.; Churchwell, E.; Werner, M. W.
1994 Galactic Calibration of The Cephid Period-Luminosity Relation: I. Distance and Reddening to the Classical Cephid DL CAS in the Open Cluster NGC 129 Hill, Robert J.; Freedman, Wendy L.; Madore, Barry F.; Bernstein, Rebecca A.
9-Jan-1995 Galaxy Detection in 2MASS: Global Expectations and Results from Several Fields Chester, T.; Jarrett, T.
Feb-2005 Galaxy evolution explorer PI-mode implementation experience Fanson, James L.
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