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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2000 Systems-Level Modeling of a Beam-Core Matter-Antimatter Annihilation Propulsion System Frisbee, R.
17-Dec-2003 Sythnetic LISA: simulating time delay inteferometry in a model LISA Armstrong, J. W.; Vallisneri, M.
19-Sep-2011 The SZ-optical scaling relation Bartlett, James G.
20-Mar-2002 T*: a novel terrain-based path planning method for mobile robots Howard, A.; Seraji, H.; Werger, B.
Jul-1999 T-Matrix Determination of Effective Permittivity for Three-Dimensional Dense Random Media Siqueira, P.; Sarabandi, K.
Jan-1998 T-PPM: A Novel Modulation Scheme for Optical Communications Impaired by Pulsewidth Inaccuracies Yan, T.; Kiasaleh, K.
27-Apr-2004 T-shaped emitter metal heterojunction bipolar transistors for submillimeter wave applications. Fung, Andy; Samoska, Lorene; Velebir, Jim; Siege, Peter; Rodwell, Mark; Paidi, Vamsi; Griffth, Zach; Urteaga, Miguel; Malik, Roger
1996 T/P Based Study of Baroclinic Rossby and Inertia-Gravity Waves Glazman, R. E.; Cheng, B. N.
15-Oct-1997 T/P Radiometer (TMR) Assessment Haines, B.
5-Mar-2004 T/R module development for large aperture L-band phased array Chamberlain, Neil; Andricos, Constantine; Kumley, Kendra; Berkun, Andrew; Hodges, Richard; Spitz, Suzanne
4-Aug-1999 T_Lambda Depression by a Heat Current Along the Lambda Line Liu, Y.; Larson, M.; Israelsson, U.
22-Aug-2002 A tabletop mid-infrared nulling testbed for the Keck Interferometer and the Terrestrial Planet Finder Koresko, C.; Mennesson, B.; Crawford, S.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Wallace, K.; Serabyn, E.
25-Feb-1997 Taguchi Experimental Design for Cleaning PWAs with Ball Grid Arrays Bonner, J.K.; Mehta, A.; Walton, S.
22-Feb-1997 Taguchi Method Applied in Optimization of Shipley 5740 Positive Resist Deposition Hui, Allan; Wiberg, Dean V.; Blosiu, Julian
23-Feb-1998 Taguchi Method Applied in Optimization of Shipley SJR 5740 Positive Resist Deposition Hui, A.; Blosiu, J. O.; Wiberg, D. V.
25-Jan-1998 Taguchi Optimization for the Processing of Epon SU-8 Resist Eyre, B.; Blosiu, J.; Wiberg, D.
9-May-2003 Taguchi statistical design and analysis of cleaning methods for spacecraft materials Lin, Y.; Chung, S.; Kazarians, G. A.; Blosiu, J. O.; Beaudet, R. A.; Quigley, M. S.; Kern, R. G.
Aug-1993 Tailorable Doping-Spike PtSi Infrared Detectors Fabricated by Si Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lin, T. L.; Park, J.; George, T.; Gunapala, S.; Jones, E. W.
1993 Tailorable Doping-Spike PtSi Infrared Detectors Fabricated by Si Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lin, T.; Park, J. S.; Gunapala. S. D.; Jones, E. W.; del Castillo, H. M.
Tailoring and Test Effectiveness Gindorf, T. E.
11-Oct-1994 Tailoring and Test Effectiveness Gindorf, T.
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