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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2004 WILD2 approach maneuver strategy used for Stardust spacecraft Bhat, Ramachandra S.; Williams, K. E.; Helfrich, C. E.; Kennedy, B. M.; Carranza, E.
15-Aug-2004 Wild2 approach maneuver strategy used for Stardust spacecraft (extended abstract) Bhar, Ramachandra S.; Williams, Kenneth E.; Helfrich, Clifford E.; Kennedy, Brian M.; Carranza, Eric
3-Mar-2008 Will we soon have a Geostationary Microwave Sounder and what can we do with it? Lambrigtsen, Bjorn
29-Jun-2001 William Pickering - JPL the early years Palkovic, L.
25-Oct-1999 Wind Changes Over the Western Pacific Liu, W.; Xie, X.; Tang, W.
23-Oct-2002 Wind convergence observed by QuickSCAT Liu, W. T.; Xie, X.; Hu, H.; Tang, W.
22-Jun-2003 Wind fields over the Great Lakes measured by the QuicScat/SeaWinds scatterometer Nghiem, S. V.; Leskevichm, G. A.; Stiles, B. W.
1994 The Wind of EG Andromeda is Not Dust-Driven Buren, D. Van; Dgani, R.; Noriega-Crespo, A.
1-Feb-1999 Wind Sensors for the NetLanders Crisp, D.; Harri, A. M.
May-1993 Wind Streaks on Venus: Preliminary Global Assessment Greeley, R.; Bender, K; Geringer, M.; Weitz, C.; Saunders, S.; Stofan, E.; Schubert, G.; Limonadi, D.
24-May-2008 Wind-based navigation of a hot-air balloon on Titan : a feasibility study Furfaro, Roberto; Lunine, Jonathan I.; Elfes, Alberto; Reh, Kim
6-Jul-1998 Wind-Driven Angular Dependence of Sea-Surface Reflectance Measured with an Airborne Doppler Lidar Tratt, D. M.; Menzies, R. T.; Cutten, D. R.
Jan-2005 Wind-driven Montgolfiere balloons for Mars - DRAFT Jones, Jack A.; Fairbrother, Debora; Lemieux, Aimee; Lachenmeier, Tim; Zubrin, Robert
10-Dec-2001 Wind-forced intraseasonal sea level variability of the extratropical oceans Fu, L.-L
3-Aug-1997 Winds of Change - The NSCAT CD-ROM Yanow, G.
3-Aug-1997 Winds of Change, The NSCAT CD-ROM Yanow, Gilbert
20-Sep-2004 Windsat validation using seawinds, windrad and POLSCAT measurements Yueh, Simon H.; Wilson, William J.; Dinardo, Steve; Hsiao, S. Vincent
15-Dec-2007 Windy Mars : A dynamic planet as seen by the HiRISE camera Bridges, N. T.; Geissler, P. E.; McEwen, A. S.; Thomson, B. J.; Chuang, F. C.; Herkenhoff, K. E.; Keszthelyi, L. P.; Martınez-Alonso, S.
13-Apr-1998 Winner/Loser-Take-All Circuits on SOI Technology for Neural Network Classification Duong, T.; Saunders, C.; Ngo, T.; Daud, T.
Oct-1997 Winter and Spring Thaw as Observed with Imaging Radar at BOREAS Way, JoBea
1993 Winter Sea Ice Mapping From Multi-Parameter Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Rignot, E.; Drinkwater, M.
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