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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2011 Fusion of satellite and model data to study hurricanes and improve forecasts: The JPL Tropical Cyclone Information System and Near Real Time Portal. Hristova-Veleva, S.; Li, P. P.; Turk, F. J.; Knosp, B.; Vu, Q.; Lambrigtsen, B.; Chao, Y.; Haddad, Z.; Vane, D.; Su, H.; Tanelli, S.
26-Jan-2000 Fusion on Airsar and TM Data for Variable Classification and Estimation in Dense and Hilly Forests Moghaddam, M.; Dungan, J.; Coughlan, J.
Oct-1998 Fusion Propulsion Leifer, S.
2-Dec-2011 Future Applica-ons of ISSM : Ice/Ocean coupling Menemenlis, Dimitris
4-May-2009 Future applications of lightweight expandable structures for NASA space science Davis, Gregory
May-1995 Future Applications of Smallsats Towards Remote Sensing Casani, E.K.
11-Apr-1999 Future Avionics for X2K Karmon, D.
11-Apr-1999 Future Avionics for X2K Karmon, D.; Chau, S.
17-May-2004 Future capabilities for the Deep Space Network Berner, J. B.; Bryant, S. H.; Andrews, K. S.
May-2004 Future capabilities for the Deep Space Network Berner, J. B.; Bryant, S. H.; Andrews, K. S.
May-2004 Future capabilities for the Deep Space Network Berner, Jeff B.; Andrews, Kenneth S.; Bryant, Scott H.
15-Oct-2001 Future directions for ionospheric analysis products from IGS centers Mannucci, A. J.
16-Jul-2003 Future directions in space IT Lamarra, Norm
15-Jan-2002 Future directions in spacecraft charging -- 2001 and beyond Garrett, H. B.
24-Jun-2013 Future earth observations Boland, Stacey; Crisp, David
27-Jul-2012 Future Exoplanet Missions For Exoplanet Study : With a strong focus on those that rely on time-series measurements Beichman, Chas; Deroo, Pieter
18-Jul-1999 Future Exploration of the Jovian System Johnson, T.
19-Apr-1999 Future Exploration of the Jupiter System Johnson, T.
4-Aug-2003 Future focal plane technology challenges for NASA's Origins Missions Breckinridge, J. B.
Mar-1993 The Future for Non-Human Primate Models in Space Phillips, R. W.; Ballard, R. W.; Mains, R. C.
1993 Future Infrared Detector Needs for Space Astronomy McCreight, C.; Wilson, B.
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