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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Sep-2002 An early look at COQUALMO in the JPL environment Powell, J. D.
7-Jun-2009 Early mission power assessment of the Dawn solar array Stella, Paul M.; DiStefano, Salvatore; Rayman, Marc D.; Ulloa-Severino, Antonio
7-Aug-2000 Early observations and modern ephemerides Standish, E. M.
2000 Early Prediction of Geomagnetic Storms Collins, D.; Feynman, J.
Mar-2000 Early Prediction of Geomagnetic Storms and Space Hazards Collins, D.; Feynman, J.
23-Oct-2002 Early results from AIRS on EOS Aqua Aumann, H. H.; Pagano, T.
21-Sep-2002 Early results from AIRS on the EOS Aumann, H. H.
22-Jul-2000 Early Shang Civiliation, Eastern China: A Challenging Application of Remote Sensing to Archaeology Blom, R.; Chapman, B.; Crippen, R.; Murowchick, R.; Podest, E.
13-Dec-1999 Early Stellar Activity, Initial Redox Potential and the Habitability of Planets Gaidos, E.; Nealson, K.; Yung, Y.; Porcelli, D.
5-May-2006 Early validation analyses of atmospheric profiles from EOS MLS on the Aura Satellite Froidevaux, Lucien; Livesey, Nathaniel J.; Read, William G.; Jiang, Yibo B.; Jimenez, Carlos; Filipiak, Mark J.; Schwartz, Michael J.; Santee, Michelle L.; Pumphrey, Hugh C.; Jiang, Jonathan H.; Wu, Dong L.; Manney, Gloria L.; Drouin, Brian J.; Waters, Joe W.; Fetzer, Eric J.; Bernath, Peter F.; Boone, Chris D.; Walker, Kaley A.; Jucks, Kenneth W.; Geoffrey, C. Toon; Margitan, James J.; Sen, Bhaswar; Webster, Christopher R.; Christensen, Lance E.; Elkins, James W.; Atlas, Elliot; Lueb, Richard A.; Hendershot, Roger
1-Feb-2001 Earth Analog of Planetary Subglacial Sites for Europa Exploration Technology Development and Testing Carsey, F.; Lane, A.
12-Jun-2000 Earth and Planetary Observations with Spaceborne Radar System Elachi, C.
14-Sep-2000 The Earth angular momentum budget on subseasonal time scales: exchange among the Earth, atmosphere and ocean subsystems Dickey, J. O.; Marcus, S. L.; Viron, O. de
28-Sep-2004 Earth atmosphere observatory formation at L2 Mettler, Edward; Aςkmeşe, A. Behςet; Breckenridge, William G.; Mecenka, Steven A.; Tubbs, Eldred F.
25-Jan-2001 Earth beacon acquisition and tracking under various illumination conditions Marino, B.; Tsou, H.; Yan, T.
23-Oct-2000 Earth contamination free sample acquisition from an Earth Contaminated Spacecraft Dolgin, B.; Bickler, D.; Carson, J.; Chung, S.; Quicksall, J.; Troy, R.; Yarbrough, C.
1994 Earth from Sky Evans, D. L.; Stofan, E. R.; Jones, T. D.; Godwin, L. M.
30-Jun-2003 Earth oblateness variations: unraveling glacial melting, ocean mass redistribution and post-glacial rebound effects Dickey, J. O.; Marcus, S. L.; Viron, O. de; Fukumori, I.
6-May-2006 The Earth Observing System Microwave Limb Sounder (EOS MLS) on the Aura Satellite Waters, Joe W.; Froidevaux, Lucien; Harwood, Robert S.; Jarnot, Robert F.; Pickett, Herbert M.; Read, William G.; Siegel, Peter H.; Cofield, Richard E.; Filipiak, Mark J.; Flower, Dennis A.; Holden, James R.; Lau, Gary K.; Livesey, Nathaniel J.; Manney, Gloria L; Pumphrey, Hugh C.; Santee, Michelle L.; Wu, Dong L.; Cuddy, David T.; Lay, Richard R.; Loo, Mario S.; Perun, Vincent S.; Schwartz, Michael J.; Stek, Paul C.; Thurstans, Robert P.; Boyles, Mark A.; Chandra, Kumar M.; Chavez, Marco C.; Chen, Gun-Shing; Chudasama, Bharat V.; Dodge, Randy; Fuller, Ryan A.; Girard, Michael A.; Jiang, Jonathan H.; Jiang, Yibo; Knosp, Brian W.; LaBelle, Remi C.; Lam, Jonathan C.; Lee, Karen A.; Miller, Dominick; Oswald, John E.; Patel, Navnit C.; Pukala, David M.; Quintero, Ofelia; Scaff, David M.; Van Snyder, W.; Tope, Michael C.; Wagner, Paul A.; Walch, Marc J.
26-Feb-2002 Earth observing system microwave limb sounder (EOS MLS) science data processing Cuddy, D.
1993 The Earth Observing System Kahn, R.; Wenkert, D.
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