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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-1999 The Utility and Validity of Kinematic GPS Positioning for the GeoSAR Airborne Terrain Mapping Radar System Freedman, A.; Hensley, S.; Chapin, E.; Kroger, P.; Hussain, M.; Allred, B.
12-Mar-2012 Utility of multispectral measurements to improve atmospheric composition retrievals Natraj, Vijay
12-Mar-1996 Utilization fo the Satellite Test Assistant Robot (STAR) for Visual and Thermal Analysis for Articles in the Thermal Vacuum Test Environment Johnson, K.; Siebes, G.; McAffee, D.
4-Nov-2002 Utilization of advanced microelectronics in space applications Kayali, S.
1-Mar-2010 Utilization of airborne and in situ data obtained in SGP99, SMEX02, CLASIC And SMAPVEX08 field campaigns for SMAP soil moisture algorithm development and validation Colliander, Andreas; Chan, Steven; Yueh, Simon; Cosh, Michael; Bindlish, Rajat; Jackson, Tom; Njoku, Eni
1-Aug-2011 Utilization of ancillary data sets for conceptuaL SMAP mission algorithm development and product generation O'Neill, P. O.; Podest, E.
1-Jul-2011 Utilization of ancillary data sets for SMAP algorithm development and product generation O’Neill, Peggy E.; Podest, Erika; Njoku, Eni G.
11-Feb-2002 Utilization of COTS electronics in space application, reliability challenges and reality Kayali, S.
13-Aug-2002 Utilization of integrated high-end analysis and design tools in real-time concurrent design environments Oxnevad, K. I.
18-Aug-2000 Utilization of LabVIEW in the Thermal/Vacuum Data Acquisition System for the Environmental Test Laboratory at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Levi, A.
1-Jun-2002 Utilization of microscopic techniques in determining microbial contamination as it relates to planetary protection Venkateswaran, K. J.
13-Dec-1999 Utilization of Spaceborne Passive Microwave Data (SMMR, TMI, and AMSR) for Soil Moisture Sensing Njoku, E.; Li, L.
10-Mar-2001 Utilizing off - the - shelf parts for the next generation of space exploration. Stosic, Dorothy K.; Lux, James P.; Hatch, William; McMaster, Robert.
1-Mar-2001 Utilizing off-the-shelf parts for the next generation of space exploration Hatch, W.; McMaster, R.; Stosic, D.; Lux, J.
1-Mar-2001 Utilizing off-the-shelf parts for the next generation of space exploration Stosic, D. K.; Hatch, W. A.; Lux, J. P.; McMaster, R. L.
24-Jun-2001 UV emission cross sections by electron impact for the Jovian planetary system Liu, X.; Kanik, I.
20-Mar-2002 UV emission cross sections by electron impact with application to planetary astronomy Ajello, J.; Kanik, I.; Johnson, P.; Palle, P. V.; Terrell, C.
May-1993 UV Fluorescence of Buckminsterfullereness Trajmar, S.; Wang, S.; Man, K.; Khakoo, M. A.
11-Nov-1997 UV High-Velocity Gas Signatures in the Direction to the VELA Supernova Remnant Nichols, Joy S.
30-Jul-2002 UV imaging arrays, particle detectors, and quantum dots Nikzad, S.
UV Quantum Efficiency and Other Characteristics of Delta-foped CCDs Hikzad, S.; Hoenk, M. E.; Terhune, R. W.; Grunthaner, P. J.; Grunthaner, F. J.; Fattahi, M.; Winzenread, R.; Tseng, H-F.
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