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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-1998 Tunneling Evidence of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in the Colossal Magnetoresistive La(0.7)Ca(0.3)MnO(3) and La(0.7)Sr(0.3)Mn0(3) Films Gupta, A.
17-Mar-1997 Tunneling Spectroscopy of the Colossal Magnetoresistive La (0.7)Ca(0.3)Mn0(3) Epitaxial Films: Evidence of Half-Metallic Band-Structure in the Ferromagnetic State Yeh, N. C.; Wei, J. Y. T.; Vasquez, R. P.; Maurer, S. M.
9-Nov-1998 Tunneling Spectroscopy Study of Quasiparticle Spin-Injection Effects in Cuprate/Manganite Heterostuctures Vasquez, R.; Wei, John Y. T.; Yeh, Nai-Chang
Sep-1998 Tunneling Spectroscopy Study of Spin-Polarized Quasiparticle Injection Effects in Cuparate/Manganite Heterostructures Wei, J. Y. T.; Yeh, N. C.; Vasquez, R. P.
20-Mar-2000 Tunneling Study of Dynamic Pair-breaking by Spin-polarized Quasipartical Injection in High-T***sub c*** Superconducting Thin Films Vasquez, R.; Yeh, N. C.; Fu, C. C.; Wei, J.
1995 Tunneling Tip Protection for a Bulk Micromachined Accelerometer Zavracky, P.M.; McClelland, B.; Wang, J.; Hartley, F.T.
17-Apr-2001 Turbo code carrier synchronization losses (radio losses) Shambayati, S.; Kinman, P.; Tadjpour, L.
17-Apr-2001 Turbo code carrier synchronization losses (Radio Losses) Shanibayati, Shervin; Kinman, Peter; Tadjpour, Layla
16-Aug-1998 Turbo Code Performance as a Function of Code Block Size Dolinar, S.; Divsalar, D.; Pollara, F.
1-Jun-1998 Turbo Codes and Space Communications Dolinar, S.
21-Sep-1999 Turbo Codes and Turbo Decoders for Deep Space Communication Dolinar, S.; Divsalar, D.; Pollara, F.; Stanton, V.; Berner, J.
Jun-1995 Turbo Codes for PCS Applications Divsalar, D.; Pollara, F.
16-Jun-1997 Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation with Iterative Decoding for Mobile Satellite Communications Pollara, F.; Divsalar, D.
11-Mar-2004 Turbo-code performance with imperfect carrier synchronization Berner, J. B.; Kinman, P. W.; Shambayati, S.; Tadjpour, L.
23-Oct-2000 Turbo-like codes for space applications Divsalar, D.; Dolinar, S.; Pollara, F.
Feb-1995 Turborogue: GPS Receiver, Science Instrument, Small Satellite System Core Duncan, Courtney B.
19-Jul-2011 Turbulence and cloud formation in the atmospheric boundary layer : some aspects of stratified turbulence Matheou, Georgios
Dec-1996 Turbulence in CMEs Ruzmaikin, A.; Feynman, J.; Smith, E. J.
1997 Turbulence in Coronal Mass Ejections Ruzmaikin, A.; Feynman, J.; Smith, E. J.
18-May-1994 Turbulent Diffusion and Its Effects on the Chemical Composition of Cloud Cores Xie, T.; Allen, M.; Langer, W.
1994 Turbulent Diffusion and Its Effects on the Chemistry of Molecular Clouds Xie, T.; Allen, M.; Langer, W.
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