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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2013 Using the Deep Space Network as a gravitational wave observatory Lazio, Joseph
1993 Using the E-mail Systems for Information Exchange Suwitra, K.
9-Jul-2004 Using the GeoFEST faulted region simulation system Parker, Jay W.; Lyzenga, Gregory A.; Donnellan, Andrea; Judd, Michele A.; Norton, Charles D.; Baker, Teresa; Tisdale, Edwin R.; Li, Peggy
20-Sep-1994 Using the Global GPS Network and Other Satellite Data to Monitor Ionospheric Total Electron Content Mannucci, Anthony J.; Brian D. Wilson; Yuan, Dah-Ning; Lindqwister, Ulf
26-May-1994 Using The Global Positioning System For Earth Orbiter and Deep Space Network Lichten, Stephen M.; Haines, Bruce J.; Young, Lawrence E.; Dunn, Charles; Srinivasan, Jeff; Sweeney, Dennis; Sumita Nandi; Spitzmesser, Don
26-May-1994 Using the Global Positioning System for Earth Orbiter and Deep Space Tracking Lichten, Stephen M.
19-Apr-2006 Using the Moon as a low-noise seismic detector for strange quark nuggets Banerdt, W. Bruce; Chui, Talso; Griggs, Cornelius E.; Herrin, Eugene T.; Nakamura, Yosio; Paik, Ho Jung; Penanen, Konstantin; Rosenbaum, Doris; Teplitz, Vigdor L.; Young, Joseph
Aug-1995 Using the PCMCIA Standards in Space Caldwell, Doug
12-Dec-2002 Using the Pyramid Library for fininte element mesh adaptation Norton, C. D.; Lou, J. Z.; Cwik, T. A.
Oct-1998 Using the Space-Borne NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) to Determine The Frozen and Thawed Seasons of a Boreal Landscape Frolking, S.; McDonald, K. C.; Kimball, J. S.; Way, J. B.; Zimmermann, R.; Running, S. W.
17-Nov-1992 Using the SPICE System to Help Plan and Interpret Space Science Observations Jr., Charles H. Acton
2-Apr-1995 Using the TOGA CD-ROM Set Finch, C.
11-May-1997 Using the Web to Bring Space Science and Technology Down To Earth Miller, D. F.
17-Nov-2003 Using timely satellite information to track dynamic science events Chien, S.
23-Feb-1998 Using Transmission Control Protocol in the Trans-Pacific High Definition Video Satellite Communication Experiment - the Next Test Hsu, E.
1995 Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and GPS Receivers Gary, B.
4-Nov-2002 Using usability analysis to direct the NBS web site redesign Kneifel, A.; Guerrero, C.
14-Jan-2008 Using very small rovers to explore the surface of primitive bodies Vane, Gregg
30-Nov-1994 Using Virtual Reality for Science Mission Planning: A Mars Pathfinder Case Kim, J.; Weidner, R.; Sacks, A.
30-Nov-1994 Using Virtual Reality for Science Mission Planning: A Mars Pathfinder Case Kim, J.; Weidner, R.; Sacks, A.
8-Jan-1995 Using Visual Programming to Simulate, Test, and Display a Telemetry Stream Wells, G.; Baroth, E.
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