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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Absolute Inelastic Differential Electron Scattering Cross Sections for He, Xe, N2, and CO at Near Threshold Impact Energies for 90° Scattering Angle LeClair, L. R.; Trajmar, S.
11-Jul-2005 Absolute optical metrology : nanometers to kilometers Dubovitsky, Serge; Lay, O. P.; Peters, R. D.; Liebe, C. C.
1996 Absorption Lines in the Gravitational Lens Systems MG 0414+0534 Lawrence, C.; Cohen, J.; Oke, J.
27-May-1997 Absorption of Sunlight by Gases and Absorbing Aerosols in Clear and Cloudy Atmospheres Crisp, David
1996 Absorption of Sunlight by Water Vapor in Cloudy Conditions: A Partial Explaination for the Cloud Absorption Anomaly Crisp, D.
May-1997 Absorption of Sunlight in Clear and Cloudy Atmospheres: A Solution to the Cloud Absorption Anomaly Crisp, D.
Sep-1997 The Absorption Spectrum of H2S Between 2150 and 4260 cm-1 Brown, L. R.; Crisp, J. A.; Crisp, D.; Perrin, A.; Naumenko, O. V.; Smirnov, M. A.; Sinitsa, L. N.
14-Jul-2003 Abstract communication for coordinated planning Clement, Bradley J.; Durfee, Edmund H.
25-Jul-1999 Abstract for 1999 Rational Software User Conference Dunphy, J.; Rouquette, N.; Feather, M.; Tung, Y. W.
Jun-1993 Abstract of Lectures Froidevaux, Dr. Lucien
2-Dec-1996 (abstract) Dastoor, M. N.; Evans, D. L.
13-Sep-1993 (abstract) 3D Electromagnetic Plasma Particle Simulations Wang, J.; Liewer, P.C.; Lyster, P.; Decyk, V.K.
21-Apr-1997 (abstract) 9 µm Cutoff 640x480 Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) Focal Plane Array Camera Gunapala, S. D.; Sundaram, M.; Liu, J. K.; Bandara, S. V.; Shott, C. A.; Hoelter, T.
25-Oct-1993 (abstract) A Brief, Selective Review of Thermal Cycling Fatigue in Eutectic Tin-Lead Solder Winslow, J. W.; Silveira, C. de
May-1992 (abstract) A Broad-Band Microseismometer for Planetary Applications Banerdt, W.B.; VanZandt, T.; Kaiser, W.J.; Kenny, T.W.
20-Mar-1994 (abstract) A Comparison Between Measurements of the F-layer Critical Frequency and Values Derived from the PRISM Adjustment Algorithm Applied to Total Electron Content Data in the Equatorial Region Mannucci, A. J.; Anderson, D. N.; Abdu, A. M.
Dec-1996 (abstract) A Geomagnetic Contribution to Climate Change in this Century Feynman, J.; Ruzmaikin, A.; Lawrence, J.
7-Oct-1996 (abstract) A High Throughput 3-D Inner Product Processor Daud, Tuan
6-Jan-1997 (abstract) A Ka-Band 0.5 m Circularily Polarized Microstrip Reflectarray Huang, John
15-Dec-1996 (abstract) A Mini-Surge on the Ryder Glacier, Greenland Joughin, I.; Tulaczyk, Slawek; Fahnestock, M.; Kwok, R.
28-Nov-1994 (abstract) A Miniature, High-Sensitivity, Electron-Tunneling Accelerometer Gabrielson, Thomas B.; Rockstad, Howard K.; Tang, Tony K.
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