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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2003 Laboratory demonstration of the sub-microradian ATP subsystem for deep-space optical communications Ortiz, G. G.; Lee, S.; Liu, B.; Farr, W. H.; Garkanian, V.
22-Feb-2008 Laboratory demonstrations of high-contrast imaging for space coronagraphy Trauger, John; Giveā€™on, Amir; Gordon, Brian; Kern, Brian; Krist, John; Kuhnert, Andreas; Moody, Dwight; Traub, Wes; Wilson, Dan
28-Sep-2004 Laboratory evidence for a key intermediate in the Venus atmosphere : peroxychloroformyl radical Pernice, Holger; Garcia, Placido; Willner, Helge; Francisco, Joseph S.; Mills, Franklin P.; Allen, Mark; Yung, Yuk L.
24-May-2006 A laboratory experiment for demonstrating post-coronagraph wave front sensing and control for extreme adaptive optics Wallace, J. Kent; Bartos, Randall; Rao, Shanti; Samuele, Rocco; Schmidtlin, Edouard
1996 Laboratory Measurements of Mineral Dust Scatterring Phase Function and Linear Polarization West, R. A.; Doose, L. R.; Eibl, A. M.; Tomasko, M. G.; Mischenko, M. I.
11-Nov-1997 Laboratory Measurements of Sea Ice: Connections to Microwave Remote Sensing Knapp, E.; Kwok, R.
26-Jan-1993 Laboratory Observations of Optical Emissions in the Interaction of Fast 0(3P) Atoms with N2H4 and HCN Chutjian, A.
1-Feb-1994 Laboratory Observations of Visible UV Optical Emissions in the Interaction of Fast 0(3P) Atoms with HCN and Hydrazines Chutjian, A.
Apr-2003 Laboratory performance of the Keck interferometer nulling beam combiner Mennesson, B.; Crawford, S. L.; Serabyn, E.; Martin, S.; Creech-Eakman, M.; Hardy, G.
15-Feb-1992 Laboratory reflectance spectra of 160 minerals, 0.4 to 2.5 micrometers Grove, C. I.; Hook, S. J.; Paylor, E. D. III
7-Mar-2011 Laboratory simulations of ammonia-rich oceans in icy worlds Vance, Steven D.; Brown, J Michael
3-Dec-2012 Laboratory simulations of Maritan meteorite impacts and their seismic signatures : how hard do we need to hit Mars to see what it's made of? Kedar, Sharon; Richardson, James; Harvey, Nathaniel; Perry, Doug; Bowling, Timothy; Webb, Frank; Kanamori, Hiroo; Garnero, Ed
1993 Laboratory Studies of Atmospheric Heterogeneous Chemistry Keyser, L.F.; Leu, M-T.
Jan-1993 Laboratory Studies of Heterogeneous Chemistry Important in the Atmosphere Leu, M-T.; Keyser, L. F.; Chu, L. T.; Timonen, R.; Tso, T-L.
23-Aug-2011 Laboratory testing of a Phased Induced Amplitude Apodization (PIAA) coronagraph Kern, Brian; Guyon, Olivier; Give'on, Amir; Kuhnert, Andreas; Niessner, Albert
23-Aug-2011 Laboratory testing of a PIAA coronagraph Kern, Brian
1996 LabVIEW Data Acquisition Onboard a NASA Micrograity Research Aircraft Brunzie, Ted J.
27-Nov-2000 Ladar-based discrimination of grass from obstacles for autonomous navigation Macedo, J.; Manduchi, R.; Matthies, L.
Aug-1997 A Lagrangian Formulation of Neural Networks I: Theory and Analog Dynamics Mjolsness, Eric; Miranker, Willard L.
1994 Lagrangian Transport Calculations Using UARS Data. Part I: Passive Tracers Manney, G. L.; Lahoz, W. A.; Harwood, R. S.; Zurek, R. W.; Kumer, J. B.; Mergenthaler, J. L.; Roche, A. E.; O'Neill, A; Swinbank, R.; Waters, J. W.
Dec-1994 Lahar Risk on the NE Flank of Popocatepetl Volcano Delgado, H.; Huesca, E.A. Gonzalez; Abrams, M.
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