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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2004 The pulse width modulator ASIC for Deep Space Missions Carr, Gregory A.; Wester, Gene W.; Lam, Barbara; Bennett, Johnny; Franco, Lauro; Woo, Erika
Dec-1997 Pulsed Field Gradient NMR Investigation of Molecular Mobility of Trimethoxymethane in NAFION Membranes Wu, Y.; Zawodzinski, T. A.; Smart, M. C.; Greenbaum, S. G.; Prakash, G. K. S.; Olah, G. A.
7-Jun-1998 Pulsed-Source Interferometry for Characterization of Resonant Micromachined Structures Gutierrez, R. C.; Shcheglov, K. V.; Tang, T. K.
16-Mar-2006 Pumped fluid look heat rejection & recovery systems for thermal control of the Mars Science Laboratory Bhandari, Pradeep; Birur, Gajanana; Prina, Mauro; Ramirez, Brenda; Paris, Anthony; Novak, Keith; Pauken, Michael
8-Mar-2003 Pupil configurations for an interferometric TPF mission Serabyn, G.; Mennesson, B.
Mar-1994 Purity and Cleanness of Aeorgel as a Cosmic Dust Capture Medium Tsou, P.; Fleming, R.; Lindley, P.; Craig, A.; Blake, D.
Jul-1999 Pushbroom Imaging Spectrometer Design for Optimum Recovery of Spectroscopic and Spatial Information Mouroulis, P.; Green, R.; Chrien, T.
Feb-1999 Pushbroom Imaging Spectrometer with High Spectroscopic Data Fidelity: Experimental Demonstration Mouroulis, P.; McKerns, M.
Apr-2005 Pushing the envelope at NASA: the development and use of large scale taxonomies Dutra, Jayne
28-Apr-1998 Pushing the Envelope of Computing in Space (Viewgraph Presentation) Ferraro, R.
2000 Put your own spin on technology Fisher, D. K.
20-Nov-2000 Putting it all together: software planning, estimating and assessment for a successful project Kurtz, T.; Feather, M. S.
17-Jun-2013 PV reliability development lessons from JPL's flat plate solar array project Ross, R.G. Jr.
16-Jun-2013 PV reliability development lessons from JPL's Flat Plate Solar Array Project Ross, Ronald G. Jr
5-Dec-1994 PV Technology for Low Intensity, Low Temperature (LILT) Applications Stella, Paul M.; Pool, Frederick S.; Nicolet, Marc A.; Iles, Peter A.
4-Nov-2000 PVM Support for Clusters Springer, P.
Aug-2005 PyCraft: A unifying multibody dynamics algorithm development workbench Ziegler, John; Abhinandan, Jain
9-Sep-2001 PYRAMID: an object-based library for parallel unstructured adaptive mesh refinement Norton, C. D.; Lou, J. Z.; Cwik, T. A.
12-Oct-2009 Pyroshock simulation systems: are we correctly qualifying flight hardware for pyroshock environments? Kolaini, Ali R.; Nayeri, Reza; Kern, Dennis L.
25-Feb-2013 Pyroshock testing of the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG) Woerner, David; Fleurial, Jean-Pierre; Bennett, Russell; Hammel, Tom; Otting, William
Dec-1995 Pyrotechnic Devices Flight Failure History, Reliability Issues, and Current Needs Krasich, Milena
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