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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2000 Prototyping mid-infrared detector data processing algorithms Ressler, Michael E.
3-Sep-2002 The prototyping of a flexible data system for monitoring ocean surface wind fields measured by spaceborne scatterometers Tang, W.; Liu, W. T.
19-Jun-2006 Proven innovations & new initiatives in ground system development Gunn, Jody M.
19-Jun-2006 Proven innovations & new initiatives in ground system development : Reducing Costs in the Ground System Gunn, Jody M.
24-Sep-2012 Provenance as a service for a multi-sensor merged climate data record Climatology; Hua, Hook; Wilson, Brian; Manipon, Gerald; Pan, Lei; Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre
2-Nov-2011 Provenance services for tracking production of multi-sensor merged climate data record. Hua, Hook; Manipon, Gerald; Wilson, Brian; Pan, Lei; Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre
5-Aug-1993 Providing Hydrogen Maser Timing Stability to Orbiting VLBI Radio Telescope Observations by Post-Measurement Compensation of Linked Frequency Standard Imperfections Springett, James C.
Sep-2004 Providing modifiability and robustness in the science and software for atmospheric retrievals Poosti, Sassaneh Hojaiji
3-Jun-2002 Providing space imagery to public on DVD Hyon, J. J.
1-Jun-1993 Proximity Effect Corrected Phase Holograms in PMMA Maker, P.; Muller, R.
Sep-1995 Proximity-Coupled High-Tc Josephson Junctions: Do They Exist? Kleinsasser, Alan W.
16-Jun-1993 Pseudo-Coherent Demodulation for Mobile Satellite Systems Divsalar, Dariush; Simon, Marvin K.
Aug-1998 Pseudobreakups During January 10, 1997 Arballo, J. K.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Zhou, X. Y.; Lakhina, G. S.; Ho, C. M.; Kamide, Y.; Shue, J. H.; Akasofu, S. I.; Lepping, R. P.; Sharma, A. S.; Goodrich, C. C.; Papadopoulos, K.; Lyon, J. G.
22-Aug-2002 PSF monitoring and in-focus wavefront control for NGST Ohara, C. M.; Redding, D. C.; Green, J. J.; Shi, F.
1994 PSR J0045-7319: A Dual-line Binary Radio Pulsar Bell, J.; Bessell, M.; Stappers, B.; Bailes, M.; Kaspi, V.
18-Dec-2000 PTEP: the Parallel Telemetry Processor Norris, J. S.; Backes, P.; Baumgartner, E.
31-May-2001 PTI observations of 89 Her Swain, M.; Belle, G. Van; Akeson, R.
26-Mar-2004 PTO automation in Oracle HRMS 11i Park, Chris Y.
1994 Public Safety Technology...Is It Just Another Buzzword? Mintz, Frederick W.
Aug-1996 Pulsar/Supernova Remnant Associations Kaspi, Victoria M.
Oct-1995 Pulsar/Supernova Remnant Associations Kaspi, Vicky
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