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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2013 Dynamics and control of a disordered system in space Quadrelli, Marco B.; Basinger, Scott; Swartzlander, Grover
Feb-2004 Dynamics and control of a herd of sondes guided by a blimp on Titan Quadrelli, Marco B.; Chang, Johnny; Kowalchuck, Scott
16-Apr-2004 Dynamics and control of the Jovian moon tour spacecraft Quadrelli, Marco B.
15-Aug-2004 Dynamics and controls of a conceptual Jovian Moon Tour Spacecraft Quadrelli, Marco B.; Mettler, Edward; Langmaier, Jerry K.
1994 Dynamics and Cooling Behavior of Charged Particles in a Linear Hybrid rf/dc Trap Williams, A.P.; Maleki, L.
5-Dec-1994 Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Dense and Dilute Clusters of Drops Bellan, J.
Aug-1995 Dynamics of Cometary Dust Sekanina, Z.
1995 Dynamics of cometary dust Sekanina, Z.
21-Jun-1998 The Dynamics of Coupled Oscillator Phase Control Maccarini, P. F.; Pogorzelski, R. J.
8-Nov-2004 Dynamics of drag free formations in Earth orbit Ploen, Scott R.; Hadaegh, Fred.Y.; Acikmese, A. Behcet; Scharf, Daniel P.
16-Aug-2004 Dynamics of Earth orbiting formations Ploen, Scott R.; Scharf, Daniel P.; Hadaegh, Fred Y.; Acikmese, Ahmed B.
2000 Dynamics of Intelligent Systems Zak, M.
20-Jun-1998 The Dynamics of Large Bubbles in an Ultrasonic Field Trinh, E. H.
1993 Dynamics of Large Precision Space Structures for Structural Control Wada, B.
Aug-1995 Dynamics of Non-Spherical Single Drops and Bubbles and Applications to Material Trinh, E. H.
Jan-1993 Dynamics of Optical Liniting in Heavy-Atom Substituted Phthalocyanines Mansour, K.; Alverex, D. Jr.; Perry, K. J.; Choong, I.; Marder, S. R.; Perry, J. W.
Jan-1998 Dynamics of Orbits Close to Asteroid 4179 Toutatis Scheeres, D. J.; Ostro, S. J.; Hudson, R. S.; DeJong, E. M.; Suzuki, S.
9-Sep-2001 Dynamics of structures - a modal approach Gawronski, W. K.
10-Oct-2002 Dynamics of the Mars atmosphere: the post-viking perscpective Zurek, R.; Richardson, M. I.; Rafkin, S.; Malin, M.; Cantor, B.; Keating, G.; Bougher, S.; Smith, M. D.
Dec-1997 Dynamics of the Trans-Neptune Region: Apsidal Waves in the Kuiper Belt Hahn, Joseph M.; Ward, William R.
1995 The Dynamics of Ultrasonically Levitated Drops in an Electric Field Trinh, E. H.
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