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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2004 Backscattering enhancement with a finite beam width for millimeter - wavelength weather radars Kobayashia, Satoru; Tanellia, Simone; Iguchib, Toshio; Im, Eastwood
25-Apr-2002 Backside device irradiation for single event upset tests of advanced devices Swift, G. M.
28-Mar-1994 Backward Integration of a SL9 Type Comet Yau, K.; Yeomans, D.; Weissman, P.; Chodas, P.
15-Jul-2012 Bacterial, archaeal, and fungal diversity of spacecraft-associated surfaces Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; La Duc, Myron T.; Vaishampayan, Parag
26-Jul-2001 Bacteriophage P2: recombination in the superinfection preprophage state and under replication control by phage P4 Bertani, G.
1999 Bacteriophage-like Particles Associated with the Gene Transfer Agent of Methanococcus Voltale PS Bertani, G.; Eiserling, F.; Pushkin, A.; Gingery, M.
2-Oct-2007 Baffin Bay ice drift and export : 2002–2007 Kwok, Ron
Apr-1997 Balance Velocities for the Greenland Ice Sheet Joughin, Ian; Kwok, Ron; Ekholm, Simon
1995 Balanced Actuator and Sensor Placement for Flexible Structures Gawronski, Wodek
Balanced H(infinity) and H<sub>2</sub> Controllers Gawronski, W.; Lim, K. B.
2-Jun-1993 Balanced LQG Compensator for Flexible Structures Gawronski, Wodek
2001 Balancing deliberation and reaction, planning, and execution of space robotic applications Knight, R.; Fisher, F.; Estlin, T.; Engelhardt, B.; Chien, S.
28-Jun-2003 Baldur - a cold caldera on Io Smythe, W.; Lopes, R. M. C.; Carlson, R.; Doute, S.
12-Oct-1997 Ball Grid Array Reliability Assessment for Aerospace Applications Ghaffarian, Reza
1993 Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy Kaiser, W.
Nov-1993 Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy of Metal/Group IV Interfaces Hecht, M. H.; Kaiser, W. J.; Bell, L. D.; Fathauer, R.; Manion, S. J.
4-Aug-1997 Ballistic Multi-Asteroid Flyby Trajectories of Large Main Belt Asteroids Bender, David F.
18-Jan-1998 Ballistic-Electron-Emission Microscopy and Spectroscopy of GaN Schottky Barriers Bell, L. D.; Smith, R. P.; McDermott, B. T.; Gertner, E. R.; Pittman, R.; Pierson, R. L.; Sullivan, G. J.
9-Aug-2000 Ballistic-electron-emission microscopy of device materials and structures Bell, L. D.
Nov-1997 Ballistic-electron-emission Microscopy of Semiconductor Heterostructures Bell, L. Douglas; Narayanamurti, Venkatesh
Jul-1995 Ballistic-Electron-Emission Microscopy of Strain Non-Uniformities in Si<sub>1-x</sub>Ge<sub>x</sub>/Si Structure Bell, L. D.
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