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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2001 Hydrogen and halogen oxide radical spectroscopy in the laboratory and the atmosphere: applications to studies of stratospheric ozone depletion Sander, S. P.; Cageao, R. P.; Christensen, L. E.; Okumura, M.; Bloss, W. J.; Friedl, R. R.; Ingham, T.; Mills, F. P.; Nemtchinov, V.; Okumura, M.
1995 Hydrogen and Helium Broadening and Pressure Induced Line Shifts Margolis, J. S.
1996 The Hydrogen Budget of the Stratosphere Inferred from ATMOS Measurements of H20 and CH4 Rinsland, C. P.; Gunson, M. R.; Salawitch, R. J.; Newchurch, M. J.; Zander, R.; Abbas, M. M.; Abrams, M. C.; Manney, G. L.; Michelsen, H. A.; Chang, A. Y.; Goldman, A.
1995 Hydrogen Chloride Detection in Orion A and Monoceros R2 and Salez, M.; Frerking, M.A.; Langer, W.D.
Sep-1998 Hydrogen Desorption and Adsorption Measurements on Graphite Nanofibers Ahn, C. C.; Ye, Y.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Witham, C. K.; Bowman, R. C. Jr.; Fultz, B.
1-Oct-1998 Hydrogen Desorption and Adsorption Measurements on Graphite Nanofibers Bowman, R. C. Jr.; Ahn, C.; Ye, Y.; Ratnakumar, B.; Witham, C.; Fultz, B.
28-Apr-1996 Hydrogen Effects on GaAs Device Reliability Kayali, Sammy
Apr-1996 Hydrogen Effects on GaAs Device Reliability Kayali, Sammy A.
Aug-1995 Hydrogen Effects on GaAs, Status and Progress Kayali, Sammy
25-Aug-2000 Hydrogen isotherms for LaNi***sub4.6***M***sub.04***alloys where M=Group 4A elements Luo, S.; Flanagan, T. B.; Bowman, R. C. Jr.
Feb-1999 Hydrogen Peroxide on the Surface of Europa Carlson, R.; Anderson, M.; Johnson, R.; Smythe, W.; Hendrix, A.; Barth, C.; Soderblom, L.; Hansen, G.; McCord, T.; Dalton, J.; Clark, R.; Shirley, J.; Ocampo, A.; Matson, D.
25-Mar-2001 Hydrogen peroxide oxidant fuel cell systems for ultra-portable applications Valdez, T. I.; Narayanan, S. R.
12-Dec-1997 Hydrogen Radicals, Nitrogen Radicals, and the Production of Ozone in the Middle and Upper Troposphere Bui, T. P.
Aug-1999 Hydrogen Sorption Cryocoolers for the Planck Mission Wade, L.; Bhandari, P.; Bowman, R.; Paine, C.; Morgante, G.; Lindensmith, C.; Crumb, D.; Prina, M.; Sugimura, R.; Rapp, D.
Mar-1995 Hydrogen-Broadened Linewidths of Water from 1850 to 3950 cm<sup>1</sup> Brown, Linda R.; Sander, Stan
1995 Hydrogen-Broadened Water from 50 to 300 cm-1 and 1300 to 4000 cm-1 Brown, L.; Peterson, D.; Plymate, C.
2-Aug-1993 Hydrologic and Dielectric Properties of Woody Plant Tissue: Implications for Remote Sensing of Canopy Water Status McDonald, Kyle C.
27-Mar-2001 Hydrologic Balance and Ocean-atmosphere Coupling Unveiled by TRMM and QuikSCAT Liu, W.; Hu, H.; Tang, W.; Xie, X.
31-May-1999 Hydrological Balance in Tropical Cyclones with Scatterometer and TRMM Data Liu, W.; Hu, H.; Tang, W.
1995 Hydrolysis of N2O5 and CLONO2 on the H2SO4/HNO3/H2O Ternary Zhang, R.; Leu, M.-T.; Keyser, L.F.
1995 Hydromagnetic Wave Event in the Jovian Magnetosphere Tsurutani, Bruce
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