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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2001 Multipolar structures in planetary nebulae Sahai, R.
13-Apr-1998 Multiprobe In-situ Measurement of Magnetic Field in a Minefield via a Distributed Network of Miniaturized Low-Power Integrated Sensor System for Detection of Magnetic Field Anomalies Javadi, H.; Bendrihem, D.; Blaes, B.; Boykins, K.; Cardone, J.; Cruzan, C.; Gibbs, J.; Goodman, W.; Lieneweg, U.; Michalik, H.; Narvaez, P.; Perrone, D.; Rademacher, J.; Snare, R.; Spencer, H.; Sue, M.; Weese, J.
7-Apr-2002 Multiprobe life detection in Hawaiian sub-ocean deep igneous cores Storrie-Lombardi, M. C.; Fisk, M. R.; Douglas, S.; McDonald, G. D.; Popa, R.; Tsapin, A. I.; Bhartia, R.
10-Aug-2000 Multiprocessor DSP for real time data processing on earth orbiting scatterometers Bachman, A.; Clark, D.; Lux, J.; Steffke, R.
30-Oct-2000 Multiprocessor DSP for real-time data processing on Earth orbiting scatterometers Bachmann, A.; Clark, D.; Lux, J.; Steffke, R.
Jun-2004 Multipulse PPM on memoryless channels Hamkins, Jon; Moision, Bruce
17-Oct-1994 Multiresolution Image Sensor Using Switched Capacitor Circuits Kemeny, S.; Pain, B.; Fossum, E.; Matthies, L.; Panicacci, R.
19-Jun-2002 Multiresolution terrain modelling from multisensor data Wright, J.; Sturdevant, K.; Morrison, J.
12-Jan-1997 Multiscale Analysis of Observations of Turbulent Molecular Clouds Langer, W. D.; Gehman, C. S.
25-Sep-2012 Multiscale character of the water cycle * of Earth Stephens, Graeme L.
22-Jun-1998 Multiscale Filamentary Structures in the Solar Corona and their Implications for the Origin and Evolutions of the Solar Wind Woo, R.; Habbal, S. R.
25-Jun-2006 Multisensor platform deployment proposal for International Polar Year (IPY) Evans, Diane L.
27-May-1999 Multisensors for Space Buehler, M.; Grunthaner, F.
1996 Multispecies Sublimation of a Comet Including the Influence of the Gas-Phase on Thermal Conductivity Alexander, C. J.; Gombosi, T. I.
19-Jan-1993 Multispectral Imaging Systems Using Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Chen, Li-Jen; Chao, Tien-Hsin; Dowdy, Mack; Clayton LaBaw; Mahoney, Colin; Reyes, George; Bergmen, Ken
13-Aug-2006 Multispectral microimager for astrobiology Sellar, R. Glenn; Farmer, Jack D.; Kieta, Andrew; Huang, Julie
8-Oct-2011 Multispectral technology and archaeological applications: Part 1 Technology Abrams, Michael
17-Jul-2001 Multispectral thermal infrared data from ASTER Kahle, A. B.; Abbott, E.
1996 Multispectral Thermal Infrared Mapping of Sulfur Dioxide Plumes: A Case Study from the East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Realmuto, V. J.; Sutton, A. J.; Elias, T.
1995 Multispectral Thermal Infrared Sensors Kahle, Anne B.
1996 A Multithreaded Scheduler for a High-Speed Spacecraft Simulator Saghi, Gene; Reinholtz, Kirk; Savory, Paul A.
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