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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1995 R & D Strategies for Deep Space Telecommunications at NASA'S Jet Weber, W.J.
20-Jul-2008 RACER : effective race detection using AspectJ Bodden, Eric; Havelund, Klaus
13-Jul-2003 Rad hard technology tutorial Alkalai, L.; Johnston, A.
Jul-2013 Rad-hard structured ASIC body of knowledge Jason, Heidecker
Jun-2005 RAD750 on Deep Impact Clark, Douglas
13-Feb-2002 RAD750 system flight computer Cady, A.; Geer, D. A.
1-Aug-2011 Radar altimetry and velocimetry for inertial navigation : a lunar landing example Ely, Todd A.; Chau, Alexandra H.
Jul-2011 Radar and libar radar DEM Simard, Marc; Liskovich, Diana
1999 Radar and Optical Observations of Asteroid 1998 KY26 Ostro, S.; Pravec, P.; Benner, L.; Hudson, R.; Sarounova, L.; Hicks, M.; Rabinowitz, D.; Scotti, J.; Tholen, D.; Wolf, M.; Jurgens, R.; Thomas, M.; Giorgini, J.; Chodas, P.; Yeomans, D.; Rose, R.; Frye, R.; Rosema, K.; Winkler, R.; Slade, M.
Mar-1994 Radar Astronomy Ostro, Steven J.
May-1998 Radar Backscatter Across the Gulf Stream Sea Surface Temperature Front Nghiem, S. V.; Li, F. K.; Walsh, E. J.; Lou, S. H.
22-Apr-2002 Radar breadboard for DSP scatterometer Stosic, D. K.; Lux, J. P.
1-Jul-1996 Radar Contributions to Asteroid Astronemy and Dynamics Ostro, Steven J.
5-Sep-1997 Radar Detection of Near-Earth Asteroids 2062 Aten, 2101 Adonis, 3103 Eger, 4544 Xanthus, and 1992 QN Benner, Lance A. M.; Ostro, Steven J.; Giorgini, Jon D.; Jurgens, Raymond F.; Slade, Martin A.; Winkler, Ron; Yeomans, Donald K.
1995 Radar Follow-up of Spaceguard Discoveries: Imaging and Astrometry Ostro, S. J.
17-Mar-1997 Radar Ice Motion Interferometry Goldstein, Richard
17-Mar-1997 Radar Ice Motion Interferometry Goldstein, Richard; Werner, Charles
14-Aug-2006 Radar images of asteroid 100085 (1992 UY4) Benner, Lance A. M.; Busch, M. W.; Ostro, S. J.; Giorgini, J. D.; Hine, A. A.; Harmon, J. K.; Nolan, M. C.; Rose, R.; Jurgens, R. F.; Jao, J. S.; Magri, C.; Margot, J.-L.
1995 Radar Images of the Earth and the World Wide Web Chapman, B.; Freeman, A.
15-Mar-1999 Radar Images of the Kuiper Quadrangle (Mercury) from Goldstone Radar Data Jurgens, R. F.; Rojas, F.; Slade, M.; Standish, E.; Haldemann, A.
19-Mar-1996 Radar Imaging and Topography of Ares/Maja Valles, Isidis, and Tritonis Lacus Pathfinder Landing Sites Haldemann, F. C.
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