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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2000 Sample acquisition and in-situ analysis using the Ultrasonic/Sonic Driller/Corer (USDC) and robotic platforms Bar-Cohen, Y.; Sherrit, S.; Dolgin, B. P.; Bridges, N.; Bao, X.; Chang, Z.; Yen, A.; Saunders, R. S.; Pal, D.; Kroh, J.; Peterson, T.
5-Mar-2011 Sample handling and processing on Mars for future astrobiology missions Beegle, Luther; Kirby, James P.; Fisher, Anita; Hodyss, Robert; Saltzman, Alison; Soto, Juancarlos; Lasnik, James; Roark, Shane
10-May-2013 Sample handling in extreme environments Badescu, Mircea; Sherri, Stewart; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Avellar, Louisa
Jan-2007 Sample return primer and handbook Barrow, Kirk; Cheuvront, Allan; Faris, Grant; Hirst, Edward; Mainland, Nora; McGee, Michael; Szalai, Christine; Vellinga, Joseph; Wahl, Thomas; Williams, Kenneth; Lee, Gentry; Duxbury, Thomas
5-Mar-2012 Sample sealing approaches for Mars Sample Return Caching Younse, Paulo; de Alwis, Thimal; Backes, Paul; Trebi-Ollennu, Ashitey
18-Mar-2013 Sample tube sealing for future proposed Mars Sample Return Missions. Younse, P.; Aveline, D.; Bao, X.; Berisford, D.; Bhandari, P.; Budney, C.; Chen, F.; Cooper, M.; Chung, S.; Lewis, D.
17-Dec-2001 Sampling of trace atmospheric constituents above the surface of Mars from a Montgolfiere balloon Jones, J. A.; Mahaffy, P.; Farrell, W.; Webster, C.
26-Mar-2013 Sampling small eddies and fronts with boats and planes in the Southern California bight: trials, tribulation, and some successes Holt, Benjamin; Baschek, Burkard; Molemaker, Jeroen; Ohlmann, Carter; Smith, Geoff; Marmorino, George; Miller, Dave; Gierach, Michelle
17-Feb-2000 Sampling the Solar System Stone, E.
6-Dec-1993 The San Andreas Fault System in Central California as the Boundary Between the Pacific Plate and Sierra Nevada-Great Valley Microplate: Kinematics from VLBI Geodesy Argus, Richard G. Gordon Donald F.
28-Oct-2001 SAN-RL: combining spreading activation networks and reinforcement learning to learn configurable behaviors White, J.; Gaines, D. M.; Wilkes, M.; Kusumalnukool, K.; Thongchai, S.; Kawamura, K.
Jan-1995 Sandbox CCDs Janesick, James R.
Aug-1993 SAR Ambiguity Study for the Cassini Radar Hensley, Scott; Im, Eastwood; Johnson, William T.K.
1995 SAR Applications in the 21st Century Freeman, A.
27-Sep-1999 SAR Image Processing Using Artificial Intelligence Planning Fisher, F.; Chein, S.; Lo, E.; Greeley, R.
Mar-1999 SAR Image Processing Using Artificial Intelligence Planning Fisher, F.; Chien, S.; Lo, E.; Greeley, R.
4-May-2009 SAR imagery applied to the monitoring of hyper-saline deposits: Death Valley Example (CA) Lasne, Yannick; Paillou, Philippe; Freeman, Anthony; Chapman, Bruce
22-Jul-2001 SAR imaging algorithms: innovations and issues Rosen, P. A.
2004 SAR interferometry applied to Mt. Etna: magmatic and volcano structural interactions Lundgren, P.; Lanari, R.; Sansosti, E.; Puglisi, G.; Coltelli, M.
23-Apr-2012 SAR Polarimetry van Zyl, Jakob J.
28-Aug-1996 SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry van Zyl, Jakob J.
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