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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2005 Ground testing of the Li-ion batteries in support of JPL’s 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission Smart, M.C.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Ewell, R. C.; Whitcanack, L. D.; Chin, K. B.; Surampudi, S.; Puglia, F.; Gitzendanner, R.
Ground Testing of the Wide Field/Planetary Camers-II or Gallagher, D. B.; Beckert, J. C.
20-Jun-1994 Ground Testing of Wide Field/Planetary Camera - II Gallagher, D.; Beckert, J.
22-Jan-2001 Ground-based GPS altimetry: the Crater-Lake experiment and coastal monitoring Truhaft, R.; Chao, Y.; Lowe, S. T.; Zuffada, C.
20-Mar-1999 Ground-Based GPS as a Calibration/Validation Tool for Tropospheric Sensing Instruments Bar-Sever, Y.; Haines, B.; Keihm, S.
2-Jul-1997 Ground-Based GPS Sensing of Azimuthal Variations in Precipitable Water Vapor Kroger, P. M.; Bar-Sever, Y. E.
26-Mar-2001 Ground-based infrared images of Jupiter during the Galileo and Cassini epochs Orton, G. S.; Fisher, B.; Cole, D.; Baines, K.; Ressler, M.; Ustinov, E.; Yanamandra-Fisher, P.
23-Jun-2001 Ground-based infrared surveillance of Jupiter's atmosphere Orton, G. S.; Ressler, M.; Fisher, B.; Baines, K.; Ustinov, E.; Hoffman, W.; Deming, D.; Yanamandra-Fisher, P.; Harrington, P.
4-Jun-2002 Ground-based measurements of NO from Table Mountain for validation of OMI measurements Sander, S.; Chen, C.; Cageao, R.; Pongetti, T.; Nizkorodov, S.; Brown, L.
14-Jun-1999 Ground-Based Measurements of Stratospheric Composition from Mt. Barcroft, California Toon, G.; Blavier, J. F.; Sen, B.
Oct-1993 A ground-Based Memory State Tracker for Satellite On-Board Computer Memory Quan, A.; Angelino, R.; Schwuttke, M. Hill U.; Hervias, F.
2002 Ground-based millimeter-wave spectrometer versus UARS microwave limb sounder version 5 retrievals of stratospheric HNO3 over Antarctica Muscari, G.; Santee, M.; Zafra, R. L. de
1995 Ground-Based Observations Matson, Dennis L.; Johnson, Torrence V.; Blaney, Diana L.; Veeder, Glenn J.
24-Sep-2001 Ground-based observations from a high altitude site by the JPL MKIV interferometer Blavier, J.-F. L.; Toon, G.C.; Sen, B.
Jan-1999 Ground-based Observations of Arctic O***sub3*** Loss During Spring and Summer 1997 Toon, G.; Blavier, J. F.; Sen, B.; Salawitch, R.; Osterman, G.; Notholt, J.; Rex, M.; McElroy, C.; Newman, P.; Russell, J. III
4-Aug-1997 Ground-based Validation of the EOS Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Aerosol Retrieval Algorithms and Science Data Products Gaitley, B. J.; Conel, J. E.; Ledeboer, W. C.; Pilorz, S. H.; Martonchik, J. V.; Kahn, R.; Abdou, W.; Helmlinger, M. C.; Bruegge, C.
21-Sep-1999 Ground-ground Optical Communications Demonstration Biswas, A.; Wright, M.; Portillo, A.; Lee, S.
Groundbased Observations of 1620 Geographos Buratti, B. J.; Binzel, R. P.; Magnusson, P.
Nov-1996 Groundbased Radar Reconnaissance of Europa Ostro, S. J.
30-Nov-1997 Grounding line migration of Petermann Gletscher, north Greenland, detected using satellite radar interferometry Rignot, Eric
13-Jul-1997 Grounding line migration of West Antarctic glaciers, detected by ERS radar interferometry Rignot, E.
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