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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Extensive Measurements of H<sub>2</sub><sup>16</sup>O Line Frequencies and Strengths: 5750 to 7965 cm<sup>-1</sup> Toth, R.
20-Sep-2001 External calibration for the space interferometry mission Catanzarite, J. H.; Miifornia, M.; Papalexandris, M.; Shaklan, S.; Basdogan, I.
1996 External Cluster Combustion of Binary-Fuel Drops Bellan, J.
Aug-2002 External merology truss technology demonstration (KITE) Nemati, B.
26-Aug-2002 External metrology truss technology demonstration (KITE) Nemati, B.
22-Mar-2001 External review board source interferometry mission Fraschetti, T.; Cranes, P.; Shao, M.; Laskin, B.; Hines, B.; Kahn, P.; Henry, T.; Gould, A.; Beichman, C.; Marr, J.; Duncan, A.; Kujkarni, S.; Marcy, G.; Unwin, S.; Wehrle, A.
1993 Extinction of the Dinosuars: Scientific Theory Moreno, M. A.
4-Apr-2001 Extinction with 2MASS: star counts and reddening toward the North America and the Pelican Nebulae Cambresy, L.; Beichman, C. A.; Jarrett, T. H.; Cutri, R. M.
1993 Extra Terrestrial Lava Flows Lopes-Gautier, R.
22-May-2011 Extra-functional properties of programs Gostelow, Kim P.
21-Sep-1994 Extracting Ionospheric Measurements from GPS in the Presence of Anti-Spoofing Wilson, B.; Mannucci, A.
21-Jul-2013 Extracting tree height from repeat-pass polinsar data : experiments with JPL And ESA airborne systems Lavalle, Marco; Ahmed, Razi; Neumann, Maxim; Hensley, Scott
9-Sep-2012 Extracting vegetation 3D structure from repeat - pass Pol-InSAR data : the RMoG model Lavalle, Marco; Hensley, Scott; Dubayah, Ralph
1993 Extraction of Auxiliary Data from AVIRIS Distribution Tape for Spectral, Radiometric, and Geometric Quality Assessment Meyer, P.; Green, R. O.; Chrien, T. G.
6-Jul-1998 Extraction of Information and Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images Using the Wavelet Transform Simard, M.
15-Mar-2004 Extraction of organic molecules from terrestrial material : quantitative yields from heat and water extractions. Beegle, Luther W.; Abbey, W. A.; Tsapin, A. T.; Dragoi, D.; Kanik, I.
1993 The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project I: The Discovery of Cepheids and a New Distance to M81 Using The Hubble Space Telescope Freedman, W.; Hughes, S.; Madore, B.; Mould, J.; Lee, M.; Stetson, P.; Kennicutt, R.; Turner, A.; Ferrarese, I.; Ford, H.; Graham, J.; Hill, R; Hoessel, J.; Huchra, J.; Illingworth, G.
1994 The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project III. Teh discovery of Cephids and a New Distance to M101 Using the Hubble Space Telescope Kelson, Daniel D.; Madore, Barry
1996 The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project VIII. The Discovery of Cepheids and a New Distance to NGC 3621 Using the Hubble Space Telescope Rawson, D. M.; Mould, J. R.; Macri, L. M.; Huchra, J. P.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Harding, P.; Freedman, W. L.; Hill, R. J.; Phelps, R. L.; Madore, B. F.; Silbermann, N. A.; Graham, J. A.; Ferrarese, L.; Ford, H. C.; Illingworth, G. D.; Hoessel, J. G.; Han, M.; Hughes, S. M.; Saha, A.; Stetson, P. B.
Apr-1998 The Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project. XVI. Cepheid Variables in an Inner Field of M101 Stetson, P. B.; Saha, A.; Ferrarese, L.; Rawson, D. M.; Ford, H. C.; Freedman, W. L.; Graham, J. A.; Harding, P.; Han, M.; Hill, R. J.; Hoessel, J. G.; Huchra, J. P.; Hughes, S. M.; Illingworth, G. D.; Kennicutt, R. C. Jr.; Madore, B. F.; Mould, J. R.; Phelps, R. L.; Sakai, S.; Silbermann, N. A.; Turner, A.
15-Mar-1997 Extragalactic Exploration with SIRTF Werner, M. W.
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