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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2004 System engineering for the Kepler Mission: a search for terrestrial planets Duren, R.; Dragon, K.; Gunter, S.; Gautier, N.; Bachtell, E.; Peters, D.; Harvey, A.; Enos, A.; Koch, D.; Borucki, B.; Sobeck, C.; Mayer, D.; Jenkins, J.; Thompson, R.
Jul-2011 System enhancements for mechanical inspection processes Meyers, Brian; Hawkins, Myers, IV
13-Jun-2002 System exploration programs Li, F.
Oct-1995 System Fault Protection Design for the Cassini Spacecraft Slonski, John P.
6-Jun-2001 System flight computer Geer, D. A.
19-Jul-2011 System health management theory and design strategies Johnson, Stephen B.; Day, John C.
9-Mar-2002 System identification by genetic algorithm Duong, V.; Stubberud, A. R.
5-Aug-2002 System identification of a nonlinear flexible mode for the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Brugarolas, P.; Bayard, D. S.; Spanos, J.; Breckenridge, W.
6-Jun-2001 System input/output (SIO) slice: description and status Arakaki, G.; Buchanan, C.; Treicher, J.; Jones, P.; Holmberg, E.
6-Jun-2001 System interface assembly Geer, D. A.; Le, M.
18-Aug-2003 System level EMC testing of spacecraft Narvaez, P.
Mar-2004 A system level testbed for a mid-infrared beam-combiner for Terrestrial Planet Finder Martin, Stefan
21-Feb-2001 System miniatureization via heterogeneous integration of electronic devices for deep space missions Mottiwala, A.
23-Jul-2012 System modeling for a supercritical thermal energy storage system Tse, Louis; Ganapathi, Gani; Wirz, Richard; Lavine, Adrienne
1-Mar-1999 System Modelling of Rotary Ultrasonic Motors Bar-Cohen, Y.; Bao, X.; Chang, Z.
3-Sep-1998 System Models to Reduce Mission Design Time and Manage Risk: The Mars Microprobe Mission Case Study Estabrook, P.; Barbieri, A. J.
18-Jan-1994 System Noise Analysis for Phased-Array Antennas Logan, Ronald T. Jr.; Maleke, Lute
Dec-2010 System on a Chip Devices—FY10 Guertin, Steven M.
22-May-2000 System on a Chip or System in a Package That is the Question D'Agostino, S.
23-Jan-1999 System Requirements for a Deep Space Optical Transceiver Chen, C.; Alexander, J.; Hemmati, H.; Monacos, S.; Yan, T.; Lee, S.; Lesh, J.; Zingales, S.
26-Oct-1999 System Risk Balancing Profiles: Software Component Kelly, J.; Sigal, B.; Gindorf, T.
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