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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2013 V&V of fault management: challenges and successes Fesq, L.; Costello, K.; Ohi, D.; Lu, T.; Newhouse, M.
11-Sep-2012 V&V of fault management: challenges and successes Fesq, Lorraine
2005 V&V of ISHM software for space exploration Markosian, Lawrence; Feather, Martin S.; Brinza, David; Figueroa, Fernando
Oct-2004 V-Band separation shock characteristics Chang, Kurng Y.
24-Jun-2011 V-FASTR : transient detection at the VLBA, and implications for the square kilometre array Thompson, David R.; Brisken, Walter; Deller, Adam; Majid, Walid A.; Tingay, Steven; Wagstaff, Kiri; Wayth, Randall
6-Jan-2011 V-Fastr: commensal transient detection with the VLBA Brisken, Walter; Deller, Adam; Majid, Walid A; Thompson, David R.; Tingay, Steven; Wagstaff, Kiri L.; Wayth, Randall
Mar-1997 The V1 and V2 Bands of FNO2 Miller, Charles E.; Sander, Stanley P.
1996 The v4 Band of FNO2 Miller, C.; Sander, P.
13-Nov-2012 V6 CO2 retrieval development Olsen, Edward; Chen, Luke; Licata, Stephen
26-Apr-2012 V6 Summary : status and schedule Friedman, Steven
8-Nov-2011 V6 testing of mid-trop CO2 retrieval Olsend, Edward; Chen, Luke; Licata, Steve
Nov-1993 The V6, v7, v8 and v10 Bands of H02N02 Friedl, Randall R.; May, Randy D.
1994 The v<sub>1</sub> and v<sub>3</sub> Bands of H<sub>2</sub><sup>17</sup>O and H<sub>2</sub><sup>18</sup>O: Line Positions and Strengths Toth, Robert A.
1993 The v<sub>1</sub>-v<sub>2</sub>, v<sub>3</sub>-v<sub>2</sub>, v<sub>1</sub>, and v<sub>3</sub> bands of H<sub>2</sub><sup>16</sup>O: line positions and strengths Toth, R. A.
7-Sep-1993 Vacillation Made Easy: Distribution, Re-distribution, and Un-distribution of DOPL-based Processing Burleigh, Scott
17-Mar-2008 Vacuum microelectronics and miniature instruments based on application specific electrode-integrated nanotube cathodes (ASINCs) Manohara, H.M.; Bronikowski, M.J.; Toda, R.; Urgiles, E.; Yee, K.Y.; Kaul, A.B.; Mojarradi, M.M.
22-Mar-1999 Valence-band warping in tight-binding models and its effect on heterostructure electronic states Klimeck, G.; Boykin, T. B.; Gamble, L. J.; Bowen, R. C.
20-Jun-1999 A Validated All-Pressure Fluid Drop Model and Lewis Number Effects for a Binary Mixture Bellan, J.; Harstad, K.
20-Jul-2006 Validating finite element models of assembled shell strucutres. Hoff, Claus
21-Aug-2003 Validating mission relevance of autonomy technologies through increased science return Howard, A.; Rodriguez, G.
8-Jul-1998 Validating Requirements for Fault Tolerant Systems Using Model Checking Schneider, F.
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