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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jan-2008 Future plans for NASA's Deep Space Network Deutsch, Leslie J.; Preston, Robert A.; Geldzahler, Barry J.
Aug-1997 Future Radioisotope Power Needs for Missions to the Solar System Mondt, Jack F.
13-Jun-1999 Future Radiometer Systems for Earth Remote Sensing Wilson, W.; Njoku, E.
26-Aug-2002 Future sensors - planetary prospective Bar-Cohen, Y.
5-Mar-2003 Future sensors: planetary prospective Bar-Cohen, Y.
10-Dec-2001 Future soil moisture satellite missions and research needs Njoku, E. G.; Jackson, T.; O'Neill, P.
25-Jun-2001 Future space explorations in the bio-nano millennium Alkalai, L.
31-May-2012 Future spaceflight computing performance needs Doyle, Richard
Dec-1995 Future Technologies for Earth Science with Spaceborne GPS Yunck, T. P.; Meehan, T. K.; Srinivasan, J. M.; Young, L. E.
May-1992 Future Trends in Small Missions and the Need for Microtechnology Elachi, Charles
26-Feb-1997 Future Vision for NASA Ground Systems Squibb, G.
21-Dec-2012 FUV emission from AGB stars: modeling accretion activity associated with a binary companion Sahai, Raghvendra; Stevens, Alyx Catherine
10-Jun-1999 Fuzzy Behavior Modulation with Threshold Activation for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Tunstel, E.
12-Jun-2002 Fuzzy controller implementations with fewer than ten transistors? Stoica, A.; Zebulum, R. S.; Keymeulen, D.; Ferguson, M. I.; Duong, V.
29-Jun-2003 Fuzzy image processing in sun sensor Mobasser, S.; Liebe, C. C.; Howard, A.
1996 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Low Temperature Application Hahn, Inseob; Gonzalez, A.; Barmatz, M.
7-Aug-1996 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Low Temperature Applicaiton Hahn, Inseob; Gonzalez, A.; Barmatz, M.
6-Mar-1999 Fuzzy Reactive Piloting for Continuous Driving of Long Range Autonomous Planetary Micro-Rovers Martin-Alvarez, A.; Volpe, R.; Hayati, S.; Petras, R.
26-Feb-2001 Fuzzy rule-based reasoning for rover safety and survivability Tunstel, E.; Howard, A.; Seraji, H.
9-Jun-2002 A fuzzy rule-based safety index for landing site risk assessment Howard, A.; Seraji, H.
1999 Fuzzy Traversability Index: A New Concept for Terrain Based Navigation Seraji, H.
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