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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-2012 Lunar riometry proof-of-concept instrument package Lazio, Jospeh; Jones, Dayton; MacDowall, Robert; Stewart, Ken; Burns, Jack; Farrell, W. M.; Kasper, Justin; Giersch, Louis; O'Dwyer, Ian; Hartman, Jake
17-Mar-2003 Lunar rotation and the lunar interior Williams, J. G.; Boggs, D. H.; Ratcliff, J. T.; Dickey, J. O.
17-Mar-1997 Lunar Rotational Dissipation in Solid Body and Core Williams, J. G.; Newhall, X. X.; Yoder, C. F.; Dickey, J. O.
25-Nov-2001 Lunar rotational dissipation in solid body and molten core Williams, J.; Boggs, D.; Yoder, C.; Ratcliff, J.; Dickey, J.
5-Aug-2002 Lunar sample return via the interPlanetary superhighway Lo, M. W.; Chung, M. K.
5-Aug-2002 Lunar sample return via the InterPlanetary Superhighway Lo, M. W.; Chung, M. J.
6-Jan-2012 Lunar Science Burns, Jack; Lazio, Joseph
10-Mar-2008 Lunar science from laser ranging – present and future Ratcliff, J. T.; Williams, J. G.; Turyshev, S. G.
18-Mar-2013 Lunar science from lunar laser ranging. Williams, J. G.; Boggs, D. H.; Ratcliff, J. T.
20-Jan-1993 Lunar Scout Infrared Detector (LSIRD): Simple low-cost imaging spectrometer Burns, Ronald; Baw, Clayton La; Duval, Valerie
19-Oct-1999 Lunar Surface Arrays Kuiper, T. B. H.; Jones, D.
3-Nov-2008 A lunar surface operations simulator Nayar, H.; Balaram, J.; Cameron, J.; Jain, A.; Lim, C.; Mukherjee, R.; Peters, S.; Pomerantz, M.; Reder, L.; Shakkottai, P.; Wall, S,
12-Feb-2006 Lunar surface reactor shielding study King, Shawn; Lipinksi, Ronald; McAlpine, William
Nov-1995 Lunar Telecommunications Noreen, Gary K.
10-May-2010 Lunar topographic mapping using a new high resolution mode for the GSSR radar Hensley, Scott; Gurrola, Eric; Harcke, Leif; Slade, Martin; Quirk, Kevin; Srinivasan, Meera; Lee, Clement; Yun, Sang-Ho; Jao, Joseph; Wilson, Barbara; De Jong, Eric; Marechal, Nick; Weintraub, Lawrence; Dickinson, Richard; Bloom, Ronald; Karamyan, Grant; Lilje, Anneliese
9-Feb-2003 Lunar transfer trajectory design and the four body problem Miller, J. K.
2-Feb-2003 Lunar transfer trajectory design and the four-body problem Miller, J. K.
Jul-2000 Lunar transient phenomena: what do the Clementine images reveal? Buratti, B.; McConnochie, T.; Calkins, S.; Hillier, J.; Herkenhoff, K.
28-Aug-2012 Lunar university network for astrophysics research Lazio, Joseph; Burns, Jack
12-Aug-2013 Lyapunov orbits in the Jupiter system using electrodynamic tethers Bokelmann, Kevin; Russell, Ryan P.; Lantoine, Gregory
22-Jun-1999 Lybia Montes: A Safe, Ancient Cratered Terrain, Mars Surveyor Landing Site at the Isidis Basin Rim Haldemann, A.; Anderson, R.; Harbert, W.
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