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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1997 Data Acquisition in Space: Jet Propulsion Lab Relies on Macintosh Technology for Critical Testing Baroth, Edmand
5-Aug-2014 Data analysis & statistical methods for command file errors Meshkat, Leila; Waggoner, Bruce; Bryant, Larry
5-Aug-2014 Data analysis & statistical methods for command file errors Meshkat, Leila; Waggoner, Bruce; Bryant, Larry
21-Jun-1993 Data Analysis for GOPEX Laser Communications Experiment Levine, B.; Shaik, K.; Yan, T-Y.; Lesh, J.; Wilson, K.
13-Feb-1997 Data Analysis Results From the GOLD Experiments Jeganathan, M.; Toyoshima, M.; Wilson, K.; James, J.; Xu, G.; Lesh, J.
28-Feb-1994 Data Analysis Techniques for the ACTS Mobile Experiments Santorius, E.; Pinck, D.
16-Apr-1996 Data Archival and Retrieval Enhancement (DARE) Metadata Modeling and Its User Interface Hyon, Jason J.; Borgen, Rosana B.
21-Jul-2003 The data archive, calibration, and distribution subsystem of the Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) Green, R. O.
15-Nov-2000 Data assimilation by an intermediate coupled ocean-atmosphere model: application to the 1997-1998 El Nino Lee, T.; Boulanger, J.; Foo, A.; Fu, L.; Giering, R.
Feb-2004 Data assimilation of ground GPG total electron content into a physics-based ionosheric model by use of the Kalman filter Hajj, G. A.; Wilson, B. D.; Wang, C.; Pi, X.; Rosen, I. G.
1-Sep-2014 Data automata in Scala Havelund, Klaus
27-Sep-1993 Data Compression and VLSI Implementation Fang, W.
21-Sep-1999 Data Compression for Deep Space Missions Kiely, A.; Klimesh, M.
4-Mar-2006 Data converters performance at extreme temperatures Rejeshuni, Rarnesham; Kumar, Nikil; Mao, James; Keymeulen, Didier; Zebulum, Ricardo S.; Stoica, Adrian
29-Jul-2003 Data definition and code generation in Tcl Duquette, W. H.
1993 A Data Distribution Strategy for the 90's (Files Are Not Enough) Tankenson, M.; Wright, S.
25-Oct-1993 Data Facility of the Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) Nelson, P.; Murray, A.; Eng, B.; Novack, H.; Solis, M.; Olah, M.; Green, R.
17-Oct-2005 Data format classification for autonomous software defined radios Simon, Marvin K.; Divsalar, Dariush
26-Jan-1997 Data Fusion Applied to Geologic Mapping and Natural Hazards Evans, D. L.
29-Jan-2007 Data fusion for Earth science remote sensing Braverman, Amy
18-Oct-1999 Data Handling Issues Regarding the Need for Higher Rate GPS Data While Continuing to Provide IGS Data Stowers, D.; Zumberge, J.; Dong, D.; Estey, L.; Mencin, D.; Khachikyan, R.
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